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  1. sorry for question but can someone drop compile version? i cant even build im newbie)))((
  2. i followed dist/patch.diff .. but anyway i cant install it (( can someone help ?
  3. gl with da seerv mate :D few of my friends gonna try
  4. lol hes servers sucked there was no balance :D and wont be now
  5. Someone Know How i Can Change Template Like This NPC
  6. sky vids rogor ucvli ? rasaze rogor uyeneb templates?
  7. Может кто научить?) Брутит (спс = )) )
  8. напиши плз норм как исьползавать (спс)
  9. lol its copy :D i dont get it whats the fun copying other games?
  10. :[ERROR: Crashed starting the login server tunnel i get this eror pls help
  11. can't enter says password incorrect
  12. if it didnt have the costum armors it would be good serv
  13. joined but not much online so gogo join and good luck cya ig Niknolta