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  1. 1) No one got this items ingame :P 2) There is no goldbars :D 3) No full rb sets because not all rbs are up 4) U fail :D
  2. 30 days without a single crash from dvamp :D.This "pack" you try sell is just a copy paste from this forum with some small modifications that takes one day to do. Also your scripts is shared. Yah right.
  3. Its not hard farming lol :)
  4. Read announcments and you find the answer you search.
  5. Some friends got banned in some hours lol, GM's are very active on the server. If they see they ban instant, Be carful.
  6. Aegis Network 70x IL, www.L2Aegis.com Active staff and they working good, 820+ online and nice clans @ Fun PvP
  7. They working hard and very active, Ps. nice PvP At AQ last time! ;D 820+ online
  8. They make new cools stuff, so its fun :)
  9. True, Server got 850+ Online last day, Awesome siege ;D
  10. Only see bad comments by you, You must really hate Interlude servers, Its a good server and growing each day.
  11. Works fine for me, cool server.