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Guide How to Fix Geodata Issues without specific Tools

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Hello Cheaters as the tittle says how to fix our Geodata if have issues in some Maps.

The only thing that you need is 3 things.

1. Much time

2. Many Geodata files from shares worldwide

3. Coffie 😉


That work if our pack have the Npc's with xml and not with Sql :


First right click create new.txt file and Open it with Notepad ++ and put that inside :


@echo off
title L2-Eternal-World: Spawn xml Search
echo.Thank you for using our services - L2-Eternal-World Team
set /p text="Enter text search: "
echo.search text "%text%" result:
findstr /I /N %text% *.xml
goto find

and press save.

After create that cmd tool paste it inside gameserver/data/npc/spawns.

Now rename it to search.cmd


This is the only tool that we gonna need.....easy eh?


Now go to game and go to the reported area who have issue.

Search near area for a Monster or any Npc.

Shift+Target to Npc or Monster to see his ID.

Now go to gameserver/data/npc/spawns and run the search.cmd that we created before.

write inside the cmd the npc or monster ID that you find near the spot with the issue and press enter.

For ex you will see 14_21 side of npc.


This is the Map of Geodata that we have this Npc so and the issue!

Open from another Geodata folder that you have find from free share here in MxC or somewhere else and copy the 14_21.jar map.

Go to your server files and inside gameserver/data/geodata Or (gameserver/Geodata) and paste the map and replace it.

Run the server again and see if your issue is fixed.

With that way you can make your own geodata piece by piece so i think you gonna need more than 1 cup of coffie:)


I hope that Guide to help many of you.

Best Regards to all of you.



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There are tools to generate the geodata from the client and they're pretty much the same like any other geodata. Manually tweaking is where the difference is between a free self-generated geodata and a premium one.

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99 of 100 issues with "geodata' related directly with Geo Engine.


And need 3 things:

  • Much time;
  • Expert level of math knowledge;
  • Drugs.
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You will probably end breaking another part of the geodata simply checking one spot. A geodata file is a huge square, so you better have some visual tool to directly see (and an easy one is the ///geodata client tool). Also, fixing one invisible wall doesn't mean you don't have another issue elsewhere.


As said others, geodatas are basically the same (since generation is easily done, and always produce the same result). The only different versions are handmade, and depending about your project's geoengine, they will also be handled differently depending about what people actually did.


Understand a "good" geodata on an edited geoengine which use different rules can be simply "terrible".


Finally, some invisible walls can be explained by :

- you use an invalid geodata for the client version (a simple exemple on IL, around Gludio there are some rocks in some versions, and in another client version there aren't those rocks). So if you use a geodata from one version to another, you can either lack geodata if your client got rocks but your geodata was made on old client revision, or you can have invisible walls if your client doesn't have rocks but your geodata was built on a higher client version. You should check with a visual tool exactly what happens, because an ivnisible wall with the shape of a rock would mean your geodata is definitively not made for your current client, and you will have issues elsewhere for sure.

- NCSoft itself added walls.

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as i understand the problem u mentioning about cannot see target. %99 of the time u can solve the problem by just fixing npc's z loc and a little tweak on geoengine. one sip on my coffee will be enough to solve it 😛 i can even waste way more time by making coffee for myself :d 

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