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New Marketplace Rule


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Hi everyone!


I believe the Marketplace needs a new rule, especially the most used one - Lineage II.


The seller of a product (not service) should display the price in public.
If the seller is not displaying the price in public - 1st warning, 2nd junked.

We want to avoid "check pm for price" and such. This leads to a difference in price for each person - that is called a scalper.

You can still negotiate the price, but in public if a buyer wants to ask for it by replying.

- All buyers should be treated equally - same base price for everyone (unless the negotiation is in public).

- A seller won't sell something overpriced to someone who doesn't know much about. A stupid person is not someone who doesn't know. Don't treat people like fools.

- It will increase the activity on buyer's topic. You won't see topics with no activity. RIGHT NOW: most of the questions by buyers are cut with a "check your PM", "PM me".


Transparency related to everything I wrote above. People can share their opinion - feedback overall. This leads to a good quality of service.


There's no voting option. Share your opinion in words.

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I believe it will help the forum in general, is is a very positive move for such rule, nobody deserves to get scammed from such tactics, it will also make this place safer to conduct business for even somebody who is not familiar but want to start something this rule will help him see more clear what is going on and not rip him out, sell or re-sell illegal (morally talking) stuff that are other people's work.


100% agreed on adding such rules.

Transparency is everything.

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It's perfectly fine and I don't know why it's not the default behavior since always.


My only downside would be about "public negociation", which will easily pollute the topic with things than none cares about.


When I go on a topic, that's not to see if I can trade "my chicken to some peas and some pounds of butter". I believe "negociations" should stay in private circle - moreover it's really easy to bypass such rule by PMing the dude directly.


But default price should definitively be shown for everyone (I personally even think, being part of the title).


In another level, you must also forbid people "spamming" about "how high price is". It looks like a tradition when someone shows some price to spam about it.


If people finds it expensive, simply don't bother with the topic and moves on. Up to people to buy or not to buy.

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@Trancei think its right for everyone all negotiations must be in public, even if its "make offer" rathen than "buy now price" . 

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