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WTS [H5] L2 EliteClub / L2Neptune Source / Project Pack.

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I'm not really into doing this kind of stuff, but a here is a story behind why I'm selling this client's project.

A while back, on the 28th of October, this person @JustMero (https://maxcheaters.com/profile/172704-justmero/) sent me a PV asking if I could do some jobs for him. And so I did. We started working together and all went well. On his first purchase, it was all related to bug fixes so he paid me directly. Soon he messaged me back, saying that he liked the way I worked and asked if I would be interested into "Contract payment", which is a method where he paid me every 2 weeks. His last payment to me was on the 4th of December using the e-mail "x.geryk@gmail.com" on paypal. The next payment would be on the 15th of December and till the day of today nothing. And since the 22nd he stopped answering me on Discord and Whatsapp, but still keeps coming online here on max and going online on whatsapp, nice right? I've been always honest with my job and clients, so by this explains why I'm selling this specific client project.


For those who don't know me, I'm a software developer student currently on my last year of university and I've been working with java for the past 8 years, mainly making lineage 2 mods and spring for several clients. I've never felt the urge to announce my job because I have a lot of clients already by just letting them announce for me... But hey, here I am, so if you need me for anything, just come and ask. I work per hour (20E/h). If by any chance I have the mod that you requested, It will be the price of the mod in my list (If you wish to see the list hit me up or visit my website: l2jgabdev.com)

So just before you ask, "Don't you have any kind of backdoor so you can go there and f*ck his shit up?" 

The answer is NO. I don't do this kind of stuff. Just shit happens when you trust people, and people simply upset you. So this is why I'm selling his project so I can get at least a bit of my time back.


Up to his project:
Its H5 project based on   Sunrise v963 and utilizes the ZeuS engine as main add-ons engine.
(P.S) If you don't know what you are doing, you will have a lot of head-ache with this ZeuS engine. I absolutly do not recommend this engine. But if you know how to code, at least a bit, you will be ok. ZeuS's way of coding is really "Unique" lets say...
The server was programmed to be a midrate server and has many bugs fixed (that were present in the source) + Some diverse bugs found on the ZeuS engine itself.
One of the things that I made for him was
-Phantom Bots,
-Custom instances,
-Daily Attendance,
-Custom events,

-Reworked Event Engine
-quest edits/fixes,
-Custom boss event engine,
-boss DB,
-custom stats window,
-Class Path mastery system,
-and many others custom requests made by him.
If you wish to test the server, just send me a pm and I will set it up so u can test it.

With the pack, also come a copy of the website that I managed for him when I worked for him. (Which he blocked me from access since the 22nd too) https://l2eliteclub.com/

P.S: If you BUY this project, you will receive a copy of the source from his part. All the job I did for him, will go on a custom lib made by me. 
Asking price: 300 Euros.
- Main project Source
- Zeus Engine Source
- My Addons listed above will come in a Library because their prices are much higher than just 300E. 

Small reminder, I'm selling this so I can get my wasted time back. For any other specific request, just send me a message on discord.

For any other questions or work related you can post them here or just send me a private message and I will answer.

Proof of beeing ignored: 
Discord: ✫ KlauS ✫#0402


Daily Attendance: (PS. Items not included, these are my personal items and this gif is just an illustration of one of the system he has bought with me)


Phantom Engine:





Here u can download the config folder from the project and see what there is available on his project:



Thank you for the read and stay safe.


Discord: Gabriel 'GCS'#2589
Skype - email: gabriel_costa25@hotmail.com

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  • HyperBlown changed the title to WTS [H5] L2 EliteClub / L2Neptune Source / Project Pack.

trustworthy seller I buy services from him a few months ago. Flawless and quality work is a shame that they lied to you. Better days will come

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This is a good person and developer, you can trust him ofc. Good luck with your sales. :)


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 Even his on the start on mxc , what i can say about him is that Hyper is one of the best developers , and the most important thing is that his a very good person. Is truly a shame that this kind of things happening but we must never forget that  scammers exist and when you do a sell / or buy check first those people background.

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since i met him i never regretted it, always giving good support in addition to being a nice and trustworthy buddy and a good developer with affordable prices. gg

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After renting this guy to code for us, i can state the following:
- Very clean and documented code
- Very fast service
- He is talkative and inspires trust, i feel like talking to a person that knows what he does

- After watching his code i can say that indeed, he knows what he does.

- Even though he had his personal things to do, ( he told me that from the begining ) he dedicated his time to complete my work pretty fast ( way faster than the deadline i had put ), that means he honors the time and money that someone invests in him
- He talks the way a professional software engineer should talk. with respect for the project, not asking too much questions about whatever is Not being in his workspace, and he also knows basic integration methods like git, which is important for us.
- Payment was at the end and with a method of our choice ( since i have many recommendations he trusted that i will pay ) which gives a good sign of trust from our side as well. 
- Will keep working with him, i was very pleased.

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I am new to  L2j business and i can say that i have found the guy who can deliver fast, reliable and with great support afterwards. Totally recomend. A bit pricy but thats subjective. 

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1000000% Friendly
100000000000% Fast Response even he are busy
1000000000000000000% He never Leave his job, and very Responsible

Not cheap but he have quality :cheer:

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