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interlude [L2j]-PvP Fun Dion

Mithril Mines

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 #Dion x500

Grand Opening   20-09-2017                                                                                                     
Exp:  x500
SP:  x500
Adena:  x15  ( low adena rates since D grades cost 1kk)
Max LvL 58
Main Town Dion
Mana Potions like healing potions , recover mana over time.
weight limit enabled
Auto learning skills.
Hard Enchant rates
Global GK
Monsters Max LvL59
Raid Max LvL 65
Bot Protection by http://guard.l2-scripts.com
  NPC Buffer
Time of buffs from NPC Buffer - 50 minutes
The maximum buff slots  - 22+4
Buff up to 74 level , all 3rd buffs are disabled
 Learning professions
First occupation - Free
Second occupation -  Free
Raid bosses
10 Raid Boss drop Clan items &  Bewd Cewd TOP LS 58 etc
Getting a sub class
Sub Class Max LvL 58
Max 3
Buyable from Event shop
Buyable from Event shop
Hero Weapons stat will be like TOP D Grade + 5 or +7
Olympiad Every week

PvP Color system
Color change at

Castle Siege Bonus for Clan members & lord
Siege every week
Castle Circlet Bonus HP +200
Crown Lord HP +350
Propably we will add and Gludio Castle

Player Vs Player  & Player Vs Monster
Improved PvP with a realistic gameplay , low stats help you to enjoy your PvP like old times
PvE its easy for all classes since server its PvP

Our Main server Mithril Mines is offline for updates
We open a PvP fun Server until fully update Main server
Update  last about 3-5 months
More information about Main server & Dion at our forums
Link: http://mithrilmines.com/forum/index.php?/topic/467-mithril-mines-our-plans-for-future/
Edited by Mithril Mines
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Good server start. Many players online and as i can see there will be a lot of fun, its first edition of this server and there will be many pvp. Few mistakes with mess of two different buffers (dont know why), didnt know how vote system works (i think there' two systems) and some goedatas mistakes. but anyway, good server.

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52 minutes ago, BolvEk said:

Fail server..full bugs..at ivory tower there was  a shop with top d mage weapons..also there is some quests that u can get alot adena..also server is dead..30-40ppl on

Yeah, it was fun to bot whole night  50kk adena (i know its useless) :D Daggers only make 1k dmg to mages  and anothers classes (Example:tank 800dmg) Best balance

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The lack of competence of commentators is shockingly mind-boggling. I don't even know if this is a valuable critic or humoristic topic.

Keep up the good work there, @Mithril Mines. Let behind the close minded "people".

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19 hours ago, navatnas said:

Mages are weak against dd's.. :)

You are one of the mages who using 3 skills (gloom,DS,VC) ? 

Mages = skills - curses even sps have more than 10 curses....

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The problem with most players in the server is that they expect their usual fun/pvp servers where only F1 and Dash presents.

Well, thats not a thing anymore. Here you need, timing, knowledge, and correct execution of all your skills to be effective. Whoever played low rate servers will know what to do, rest will just keep raging (fail sever) because of their incompetence and lack of knowledge on the game. Have a nice day.

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