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  1. Server almost died cause ddos whole day xD Server has log in problems i guess it died forever xD NEW SEASON NEXT WEEK? :3
  2. Yeah right.. i bet you will unjail/unban botters if they pay enoug to you =)
  3. I love it how u let paid clans to bot in peace 24/7... reporting them is useless... but OMG some random players botting u jail them 2-12hours Biggest corrupted admin evern known
  4. Pretorians clan botting 24/7 admin wont ban/jail them nice admin abuse gg ez win
  5. So nice to see how paid clans gets items by admins :)
  6. Register dont work corrupted accounts INCOMING :) (waiting clans get all items first day) XD EDIT: dont join server its 100% corrupted and donators have vespers alrdy