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  1. Dead server alrdy RIP new season in 2 weeks?
  2. Fake numbers There are 250 ppl with clans are u telling me 1250ppl are without clan? xd
  3. So this is ur 1500 online? barely even 50 sellers in giran xD Fake numbers
  4. Bigggest fail ever seen. Kill rbs 76+ get 500 medal even from minions "No overpowered donations" open donate shop 1€=1Billion adena xDDDDDD
  5. Just shitty interlude server with classic reward system with fake online and geodata is joke
  6. Pay to win serv donate shop S weapons with SA +10 safe enchant donate
  7. Good server same bots farming adena at golems everyday
  8. Still same archer server? :D and balance random?
  9. Nice server.... pt zone pvp with bot healers+bot healer for healers GG? :D EDIT: 2nd day server open donate shop +12 items money grap serv
  10. Shit season again :P Bot healers <3
  11. Bot server... admin wont ban bots RIP =)