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  1. More fake accounts to recommend server? :)
  2. Fake online counter 1 player online increases online counter by 2 KEK
  3. Dead server alrdy RIP new season in 2 weeks?
  4. Fake numbers There are 250 ppl with clans are u telling me 1250ppl are without clan? xd
  5. https://prnt.sc/s6f8as So this is ur 1500 online? barely even 50 sellers in giran xD https://prnt.sc/s6f7qk Fake numbers
  6. Bigggest fail ever seen. Kill rbs 76+ get 500 medal even from minions "No overpowered donations" open donate shop 1€=1Billion adena xDDDDDD
  7. Just shitty interlude server with classic reward system with fake online and geodata is joke
  8. Pay to win serv donate shop S weapons with SA +10 safe enchant donate
  9. Good server same bots farming adena at golems everyday
  10. Still same archer server? :D and balance random?
  11. Nice server.... pt zone pvp with bot healers+bot healer for healers GG? :D EDIT: 2nd day server open donate shop +12 items money grap serv