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  1. 1kkk S wep? botting 24/7 per 1pc gl
  2. Ban all bots expect tempest clan bots =) dead server
  3. "Events give parchments and they run on a 2 hour cycle" event dosent work... chess event is bugged... Some bots alrdy reached 3rd class... why admins wont ban them? did u pay the "TEMPEST" clan <--- FAKE or did they pay to you so u wont ban them? + where is all those clans that will join the server? saw only tempest what is 100% fake
  4. Vote 3 days for 5 hours rune exp? so legit...
  5. Why wont add rune exp revita pops also buy as adena? forcing ppl to donate to get prerium.... its 2k2018 alrdy