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  1. Dear players, We proudly present you the best upcomming H5 Projects of 2020. Our promise: As you know, we all are feeded up with corruption, pay to win and short life servers. We are here to give an end to this situation! It's time for a fresh and longlasting project, without corruption, overpowered donation and money hunting administrators. Our concept: Our concept is focused on PvP fights combined with retail gameplay, which promises an exciting gameplay every last minute you stay online, so you can flashback the fantastic moments you enjoyed in the Past.
  2. Server looks really nice but dude, i see only 16 player in giran and all other towns are empty... Where are the 900 player? Anyway, wish you good luck with your project.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply first of all, the problem is i doesn’t know the real name of the npc.
  4. Hello guys, im looking for the ID of this npc template (elf mermaid). Thanks in advance for your time.
  5. Im working since 1 month with L2JEternity files and i can say that im very happy with it. Files are very closed to retail, LordWinter is a very skilled Developer and trusted person, the price is really good for this quality of files and after 10 years in bussiness in can give for first time 5/5 stars for a project. Keep the good work my friend!