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classic [L2Off] L2Red


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Dear friends!
We are happy to announce that server Kain x5 on the classic 1.5 chronicle is about to open very soon! As for now the server is on end stage of Closed Beta. All important tests and adjustments are nearly finished.
Now we are almost ready to Open Beta test! The exact time will be announced soon, so stay in touch with us.
Everyone who would like to help us with Closed Beta tests, as a testers, are asked to submit a request, which you can find here:
- make a request





 FULL CLIENT DOWNLOAD VIA TORRENT : http://www.megafileupload.com/268lf/CLIENT_CLASS_1_5_L2Red_EU.zip.torrent
Main Settings:


  • EXP: x5
  • SP: x5
  • ADENA: x3 (amount)
  • DROP: x2 (chance)
  • SPOIL: x2 (chance) x1 (amount)
  • QUEST: x2 (xp/adena)
  • Drop from Raid Bosses: x1 (chance)

Our Special Shop offers only premium status, scrolls (such as buff scrolls or xp scrolls, NOT echant scrolls) and some accessories.
Premium status:

  • -50% cheaper teleports
  • +50% more SP from monsters
  • -50% less XP when you die (it will be -5% insted of -10%)

The features will be supplemented in the course of preparation of the server.
Follow the news!


our discord chat : https://discord.gg/87paNwH
full client : http://l2red.net/file
amd users : just put graphics profile on balanced
for bug reports please use : http://forum.l2red.net/support-tickets/



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I strongly suggest you to rethink the rates - there are multiple quite successful low rate private Classic servers and as far as I know, Dex is also planning to open another low rate Classic server. Opening x5 Classic right now is a suicide.

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Dear our new friends!
We're proud to announce that there will be a new L2Red Classic Server near 2017 February. To avoid eventual copyright there are no specifics we can give you regarding the features.
Our main Exclusive Features will always stay with us but there will be more!
Launch date: To be determined. 
Fresh New Content after 2 Months: Classic ReD will be released with v1.5 and periodically upgraded to v2.0
Classic ReD will be set in a 5x Classic environment that will be played through the Lineage II Classic Client (English). New features as well as familiar ones will wait for you.
As our first Server it will be set on both PvE and PvP, with the best possible balance within the best opinion of the entire community as we can not please everyone. By experience we know that some of the best PvP is created by a PvE-element within the game and PvE helps to extend end-game. Again, a good balance is key.
Why did we choose for the Classic client? We want to maximize your gaming experience by all the extras that the newest client comes with and being Unique. Simple things such as the damage/heal indicators, new video rendering options but also bigger and more important things like the immensely possibility for unique content-creation, old bug fixes and more. And aren't we all tired of seeing the same Giran Castle Town market all over again?
In the upcoming weeks I'll keep people updated on how things are going development-wise through our Forum, Facebook Page aswell Maxcheaters. More rich and important news will be posted on the forum.
We shall keep you updated community.




97b8ea4b037542a1322f02e3a32fc86cf580906d                                         hey-copycat.jpg


Notice the similarities
















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there is no relation except both copied from dex :)


dex site 2006 : 

2006 : 7009297c1a224a5abf17e34d5a13ab86.png

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Can you tell us more about your extender, how do we know it's l2off? There's a site selling L2j classic and nobody else selling L2OFF Classic as you mention. 

Thanks, up!

he can just add a prnt if is off files but whats the prob with it,you can easily understand it on the gameplay.

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