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Time To Move On..


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Hello guys, I am Elfocrash and this is my last topic in maxcheaters.


I've been here since 2009 as a user looking for servers, then at 2011 i became a guy that wanted to become a developer and today I am here to leave behind 5 years of my life.


Please do not read it if you are no interested to that kind of stuff, leave you hate comment and get out,

I won't be replying here anyway.


So the reason i am making this topic is to explain some things to everyone who cares.


I starting learning how to develop one year before i got into the university. I still had no idea about what

i wanted to do in my life but i knew that i really enjoying trying to understand how stuff like activeChar.sendMessage worked.


After i learnt a couple of things and realising that i really enjoyed the whole programming logic, i joined a software engineering course in university of greenwich.


That's when shit went down too fast.

People were not willing to help a scrub learn how to code. Every pm to an l2jdeveloper went unanswered and every help topic i made ended up in hate and trolling. 

That's when i realised that if you wanna do something you have to do it yourself. 

I started going through people's coded and through the l2j code in general. 

Then i read some books and i saw some tutorials and then i read some more.

This really helped me understand more and more about how all this magic thing worked.


That's where i started sharing and people started to be interested in my work.

I enjoyed sharing because people where happy with what i had to share.

Later people tried to sell my shared codes and that's when i made Esios for the first time.

The concept was crap but we had a following, people liked us for being opensource and having unique ideas and codes to share.

However when L2jHellas started leeching our codes without actually doing something different from us then that's when i said i had to stop being opensource and i made the project private.

This didn't last for long. As you can tell people don't care about a private project and most of the times they won't pay for things so i stopped the development.


Was it a failure? No, but it wasn't a success either.


Around that time i became a global mod in this forum, and note here that this is in the days where you

actually had to do stuff to become something here. Now it's different.


Now there is nothing to share because you don't feel the same moment of glory when you share something. You know that your shares are in vein and that sucks.


That's why people don't share any more, and with the stop of sharing the end of unique things in l2 came too.


This is the case now since 2013 and it is not going to change.


For that reason i took the decision to quit the l2j development scene and more on to new and exciting things.

You won't be seeing me again posting and talking in here. That was it.


I also discontinue any open projects i had. Get velvet's code and do whatever you want with it.



Honourable mentions:


I wanna thanks Tryskell, who was the only person in the forum you helped me learn how to develop, teaching me arrays on skype back then and showing me what to look for and where.

Also thanks to everyone who ever shared a detailed guide on development. Be sure i did read it and it did really help me become what i am today.


Last but not least thanks to Maxtor for having this website. If it wasn't for him i would never be what i am today.


No other worthy people left in here to thank for something that they gave me so i will spare my words.



Now what?


Now im working as a website developer and i really enjoy what im doing.

When im not working as a website developer i am teaching myself how to make android and ios apps and soon i am releasing some nice apps in the store.


If you even feel like you need some help or guidance please add me on skype: Desolatedpewpew



Last but not least, i would like to ask from the moderators to not lock or junk this topic.

This is a story from someone who started in here as no one and became something not only in here but in his own life too and i hope i inspire people.



Thank you all,


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Καλή τύχη στη σελίδα φίλε που δουλεύεις, και καλή τύχη στην ζωή σου!

Είσαι οκ παλικάρι, και πάντα βοηθούσες όσο και εκεί που έπρεπε..


Μακάρι να σε ήξερα περισσότερα για να έγραφα και περισσότερα.. Αλλά αυτά είναι που μπορώ να πω..


Καλή συνέχεια σε ότι κάνεις από δω και πέρα, και κοίτα να φας καμία Αγγλίδα τώρα που μπορείς, και υπάρχει χρόνος και για προγραμματισμούς κτλπ..  :happyforever:



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Its too sad to see the people who actually feed with their unique shares the entire mxc for years leaving,but I guess that's the meaning of the phrase 'life never stops,its always going on'


we used to co-operate as staffers in the mxc for few months/years back then,when we[every member registered < 2010 ] were enjoying every moment we had here,when we were motivated to do something[everything we did] by its community[...].


I admire you for the passion you had these years at everything you did,that's actually the main reason you succeed.

Good luck to whatever you do in your life.

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+1 rep gia ta kala shares pou ekanes


an kai meta to ban xa8ikes... ala logiko (pios 8a ka8otane na kanei share kai na eine banned me to main)


kali sinexia :)

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Well, i don't really know you personally, only the last 2 days that we spoke about your android app, but i know you as ElfoCrash from the shares you've done and as a staffer as well.

I really get why you leave, it's just that we (most of us) are here because we used to visit maxcheaters each day, write some shits to pass the time, bump our WTS topic and that's all.

I personally got no reason at all to be here, it's just a "habit". I just bump my topic, i'm taking a look around for any interesting topic and quit.

Anyways, i really hope to become what you want to become and do what you want to do in your life, as for your leave if you think smart it's not a bad idea since you earned nothing at all from what you've done here after your ban so it's not even worth to do something.

Have fun mate and thanks for what you shared and teach us here.

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Goodbye Elfo, καλή τύχη στην ζωής σου.Από τα 5 χρονια που είμαι μέλος του community πάντα θαύμαζα τις δουλειές σου και πιστεύω ήσουν ένας από τους δυνατούς χρηστες που έπαιξαν ρολο στην ανάπτυξη του community αυτού.

Πιστεύω με κάλυψε απόλυτα ο Psyancy με αυτά που είπε.



I really get why you leave, it's just that we (most of us) are here because we used to visit maxcheaters each day, write some shits to pass the time, bump our WTS topic and that's all.

I personally got no reason at all to be here, it's just a "habit". I just bump my topic, i'm taking a look around for any interesting topic and quit.

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You're as bright as a black hole, and twice as dense.


In 20 days I will be in amsterdam, dont worry if that describes your mother when she returns home


I will pay her in donation tokens

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