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  1. Yeap i decided to ruin my "profil" for a romanian guy who claim he has 500.000 euro, 20 clocks that cost 20.000 each and 10 cars that cost 50.000 each and scam him 50 euro what a smart person i am right? I'm out. I said u will get ur money when i get on pp, he did refund he got them back so pointless.
  2. Blabla after 4 years of offering help on this forum and the topics i decided to scam for 50euro you're right. Cause logic. We all know maxcheaters is just 20 people flame on each other so whoever open topic ther are 19 people spam on that one this won't change. About the codes yeap i didn't fill his request since it's a bit fucked up but i told him to make him other codes he want else take his money whenever i work again cause i was out for 1 month e.t.c he could dispute as he did anytime and i accepted it afcourse. Is not like i defend my self but have some logic first before u go
  3. You already got ur 50e back whats the report for? Ps. i don't even use the forum anymore so.. Sure scam thing when i waited for you 10 days when u were afk. Smart boys. Continue ur flame on maxcheaters Oh and about next income i stopped doing anything for 1 month now. You could dispute anytime as u did and u got ur money is not like i lied or no return u ur money i got -47 euro if u want any photo anytime. Byeee
  4. Maxtor παλι ο accountant νεο προφιλ ρε τι θα γινει?
  5. Nah, maxtor afraid of me.. he ain't make me mod :( He prefer make gold members people who sell frozen packs and spam "GoodLuck" in every private server section for post :-[ And once they become GM they getting some serious shit.. PLZ stop spam. thank you. 2017
  6. Γιατι μωρη βρωμιαρα.. αμα δεν ασχοληθεις με τον admin σε ενα φορουμ με ποιον θα ασχοληθεις με τον Justice?
  7. I'm mad at maxtor... i want write 1000 line text and spam him until he give up as administrator and start playing l2mafia. He is noob -.- he put others mods instead of me. I would ban the 95% forum except xdem and few others.,, he is so terrible toward me pff.. :-
  8. Πολυ δραμα το εχετε κανει. Εσεις που απειλειτε με report και λετε "stop spam" λες και ειστε admin ηρεμιστε γιατι την εχετε δει καπως εδω μεσα. Οσο για τον owner πας και μου γραφεις "καλησπερα ειμαι νεος developer" και στην επομενη εικονα πας και μου βγαζεις φωτογραφια ενα θαυμαστικο. Η δεν ξερεις τιποτα η εισαι νεος developer. Τι περιμενεις να καταλαβουν τα παιδια και να σου απαντησουν οταν πας και βγαζεις φωτο 1 θαυμαστικο? (Και μην πας να μου γραψεις "μα ρε φιλε εγω τωρα μαθαινω" γιατι εγω οταν ξεκινησα να μαθαινω δεν υπηρχε ουτε youtube, ολα ετοιμα τα εχετε. Δεν μπηκες καν στο κοπ
  9. "Ειμαι νεος σαν ντεβελοπ και προσπαθω να περασω ενα κωδικα για αντιμποτ" εχω ριξει το κλαμα της ζωης μου μαζι σου.. δεν εισαι καν dev ουτε νεος.. Απλα θες ετοιμο code. Αμα ησουν νεος θα ηξερες τι ειναι το warning εστω η δεν θα εδειχνες μια φωτο με απλα το αρχειο και το warning πανω. Πες οτι θες εναν να σ περασει το code να τελιωνουμε μην το κουραζουμε.. Ειχε πλακα το 2008, καταντησε mainstream το 2014 τωρα ειναι απλα χαζο.. 2017.. bravetobe ελα ριξε ενα καλημερα.
  10. Ετσι maxtor e? καλα... κωλοπαιδι :( F
  11. Σε ειδα κ εσενα skype που κλαις
  12. Accountant δεν θα γραψω πολλα για εσενα. Εχεις παρει περισσοτερο τη κατιουσα και απο τη νοητη οικονομια της Γερμανιας μετα τη συνθηκη του Λονδινου το `53. Αν ο Καζατζακης μπορουσε να αναθεωρησει ενα απο τα γνωμικα του, θα το εγραφε ως, "Εχεις τα πινελα, εχεις τα χρωματα, ζωγραφισε ενα λακο κ' εμπα μεσα". Εαν μπορουσα να διασπασω το χωροχρονικο συνεχες σε χωρο και λογικο φασμα, η απηχηση που θα ειχες θα ηταν αρκετη να προκαλεσει προσμειξη ολων των υπαρκτων φωτονειων σε μια αστειρευτη ημιευθεια η οποια τυλιγει το συμπαν και τηνει να καταργησει τη θεωρια του παλλομενου-ατελευτητου συμπαντος.
  13. He tried hack FBI's database, once he stole all data from their server he let them a message in the end saying "You got hacked fuckers :) " and in the end he wrote "-Sincerely.. " and his full name. FBI found him 1 hour later and once maxtor learned about this he banned him. Couldnt handle that stupidy in his forum.
  14. Say who? You donate 200e in tales everyday and i'm considered the problem?
  15. Are you f* idiot? ... Obviously his comment was ironic... Your acc was chat banned and he banned it now as an answer to "No unban for you bitch." Get real pfff
  16. Post a photo of yours and if i approve you, you're welcomed. Else nop.
  17. I would ban you both but im bored.
  18. What about chuck norris jokes? Also you're evil as fuck :-[ more than me Also make me mod :-[ :-[ imma ban half of forum
  19. They know that if i were GM i would ban Justice so they wont :D