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  1. This proves that you posting fake proofs and you never completed the work you was paid to do.
  2. By posting fake proofs of the build makes you more retarded than you are. https://prnt.sc/byucyh that was your proofs to show you did the project , so fake ...
  3. That shows that you did incomplete work/codes.
  4. No you are retarded man , check the picture you send me it says that you uploaded datapack and not core files. Can you explain me how you made the announcement code without enterworld file ?
  5. You are fucking scammer , you uploaded datapack files that don't even have enterworld.java for the codes i asked.
  6. give me 2 hours and you will have your proofs , i am talking with an l2jserver developer to verify some things
  7. As i said this guy sold me a 3 line pvp color system and after that he told me that i will be able to edit it at configs. 1)The code didn't had any code for the configs. 2)the master project he tried to sell me had already pvp color system 3)after i told him that his code is a scam he blocked me on skype 4)guys like him should be banned to avoid future scams pirama definitely have no idea about development and he posting around trying to scam people only a such retarded person would repeat the same thing after scamming to defend his fake words i will try to find out some proofs if i find the
  8. You are the scammer here , you sold me a 3 line code and told me the configs will be at configs file without even them exist at the code and even someone with 0 knowledge at coding would understand that. You are the most retarded person at mxc and also you blocked me before i refund the money for the crappy codes you sold me probably because i found your personal details. @ sorry for offtopic , a mod can delete this (i had to answer him and defend myself for calling me scammer).
  9. Report the facebook page at facebook team : )
  10. [gr] ok as paw ligo offtopic kai egw kai na sou pw oti tin epomenh pou tha xesteis panw sou sto skype skoupisou prin kaneis block [/gr]
  11. Pay for adrenaline and enjoy botterino, i am sure they can bypass that protection like it's nothing.