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Share L2Off - Shares - Tools - Stuff And Preconfigured Server Files.

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Some L2oFF account managers, Vang panel and Paradise (tested and working)



A shit load of client mod`s that i gathered back some time



Some tools that you can edit textures, a pack of them.



Some FPS tweaks that your players will say THANK YOU in big style for increased FPS, all inside the rar



Depmax Geodata IL L2OFF



Vang Geodata IL L2OFF



GF NpcData retail all rates set on x1 ...drops spoil exp sp ALL



Vanganth IL Ext ( Key locked of course )



Vanganth GF Ext ( Key locked of course )



Some Hellbound stuff, old stuff ...outdated stuff but interesting for newbies willing to learn scripting

https://mega.co.nz/#!iwlSyTRA!E8QR1ZwsO8rabO4r6hl9Yufk6AmsFD2gcsZ7PoSb_ O0


This is a full setup of HB L2OFF the COEP version, plug and play easy steps, everything should work except kamael skill side.

The source is out there, if you have time finish it.



IL herbdata on all mobs



A files pack that contains several IL quest fixes ( AI and HTML wise )....still needs a work on but i have no time to finish it.



A server pack based on free cracked files from Vang, server was called L2BB ( find the features on old MXC topics )

You have inside all you need to plug and play, rest of server files will be in another share



A server pack based again on the same free cracked files from Vang, server was called L2 Complexe Gaming ( find the features on old MXC topics )

You have inside everything you need to pimp a live setup, and mods set aside individual. (rest of the server files will be in another share )



A server pack based on vang licensed files ( yes you`d need a key for this ), server was called L2 Legacy ( you can find the features on some old topics )

The server never managed to went live due to my low free time.

So this pre-pack is quite well set up and needs a smack of a work thats like 1h work and its ready for live.



A server pack based on free files from Vang, server was called L2Momentum , i launched this server 2 times and people enjoyed it, it was a pvp server x350.

(Find the features topic on MXC) its again a plug and play pre-pack



And of course the old server pack from L2 Segue World, a mid rate IL that again was set on cracked files from Vang.

This server went live one time and people really enjoyed it, it was quite fun,

All you need is inside the rar and rest of the server files will be in another share



This is the complete files , free cracked old Vang version that the servers above are based (except Legacy)



A script creator that you can do several tasks, a cool usefull tool



IL map geozoned



nWatch decoded, plug and play ( work on design )

Easy to use ...easy to configure



If someone does not know what or how to do the ODBC links here are the setups...just re-build them on top and it will be easy



A rar contaning some files with L2OFF commands



PathMaker 2.5



L2OFF Rebirth system

Fix for exp overflow from Vang , fix is set on lvl 40


push_event // gg
push_const 632
push_event // talker
push_const 40
push_const 40
func_call 218234898 // func[setPCLevel]
shift_sp -2
shift_sp -1




Latest Hi5 OFF files from Depmax, files are key locked...do not get your hopes up



Latest IL OFF files from Depmax, files are key locked... do not get your hopes up



A cool systemmsg for IL



Alot of tools`n`stuff for L2OFF



User disabled right click zoom .INI



Web CMS system L2OFF compatible. This is the mighty DragonEye 1.2 FULL made by Michael2Ufo



Web scripts for l2off



A fix for IL files, a fix for windows XP users



A server pack that was never launched, these files were set up high end but the setup was not entierly finished due to my low free time.

Since the server did not went live...you got a almost ready pack...easy to work uppon. The server was called L2Sensation (mid rate)

You can find the features on MXC old topics. The files are based on licensed Vang files, this means that YES you need a key to run these files.



Also a new version and style of L2Sensation :



AI tools :




Nanna x75 leak :


(yes, password protected rar) - have fun burning your CPU and GPU to unlock it


LivePanel :

(Similar to nWatch, easier to use)


L2 Refresh v1 and v2 :


(Pack contains server files and patch aswell)


L2 Refresh v3 :


(Pack contains server files and patch aswell)


L2 Legacy 2k16 (before live setup) :


(Pack contains server files and patch aswell)


L2Sublimity Gracia Final pack :


(Pack does not contain the geodata)

No key required.



5/14/2017 Update :

A Scions of Destiny C4 OFF pack :


(Does not require key from what i remember and untested since more than 4 years)


L2 Dismay Interlude OFF pack :


(Has Dismay custom mods and server files, and etc)


L2OFF Gracia Epilogue pack :


(Not sure what this is as i have not tested it but i found it on my old backup drive - from the rar it seems there is something about sources and development files)




Well guys these are my shares for you regarding L2OFF !!!
For the moment this is what i can hook you up, im sure you will find alot of interesting things within these files.

Some may be old...and newbish...but be sure there are alot of things that will help you out.

Also if you're willing to learn these shares will provide you anything you want.


I hope you enjoyed this long share, and if you like it, drop some feedback or some reputation.

Best of luck guys and take care.




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Very nice share, keep up the good work, was about time to revive this section, everything is welcome :)


Some infos on L2 Complexe Gaming Pack (Should be accurate):

Description of the server :

* L2OFF Server Interlude platform.
* Complexe Rates :
* Exp Rate : 75x
* Adena Rate : Balanced in relation to server economy.
* Working Augmentation system.
* Fusion skills working.
* Bugless Geodata.

Enchant Information :

* Safe Enchant : +3.
* Max Enchant Weapon : +14.
* Max Enchant Armor & Jewelery : +8.
* General Rate : 40%.

Custom Information :

* Auto learning skills.
* Every new created character will have best No Grade gear + pocket adena.
* Custom Weapon + Armor Shop with D/C/B/A + Custom farmable S.
* Catacombs and Necropolis are disabled , 7 Signs is removed.
* NPC Buffer with all posible buffs.
* Class changer for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.
* Global Gatekeeper with all locations needed.
* Misc Shop with everything you need.
* Toogle skill to avoid bad buffs.
* All of the teleport spawn are safe.
* Main Shopping Center : Town of Aden.
* Buff duration is 120 minutes.
* Offline shopping system.
* Delevel Manager.

Augmentation Information :

* Augmentation is retail ( chances / skills )

Buffs Information :

* 24 buff-slots , 6 debuff-slots separate.
* 2 Hours General buffs.
* 2 Hours Dances and Songs.
* 2 Hours Prophecies ( as like Cov , Pof , Powa , Powi , Magnus , Vop ).
* Cat & Unicorn buff have the normal time.

Siege Information :

* Sieges : We will have only 4 Castles opened for sieges.
* Goddard / Rune / Giran / Aden only.
* The Siege for every castle will be every two weeks.

Subclass and Noblesse :

* To add subclass you must do the following :
- Upon hitting 75 you can begin the subclass quest at Maestro Reorin who is found east of Oren Castle Town.
- He will ask you to slay Shilen's Messenger Cabrio and get "Reiria's Soul Orb" from its chest.
- You don't have to hit Cabrio, nor do you have to be in the party that kills it. The chest is available to everyone with the quest.
- Take "Reiria's Soul Orb" and go to our Quest Manager and finish the quest.
- Once you done that, you can add any subclass you want.
* To obtain noblesse status you must do the following :
~ There are two methods to obtain noblesse :
1) The retail quest.
2) With 5 Complexe Gold you can take a shortcut and advance directly to "Path Of A Noblesse Possessor Of A Precious Soul Part 3"
(It will leave you just to get the VOS quest item jewels + Barakiel)
- Lunargent and Hellfire Oil can be found in Misc Shop at Quest Section.

Raid Bosses Information :

* Cabrio and its Minions are 80 level. - the respawn is 4 Hours.
* Barakiel and its Minions are 80 level. - the respawn is 6 Hours.
* Ant Queen : Level 80 : Respawn : 48 H +/- 60 minutes.
* Zaken : Level 80 : Respawn 72 H +/- 60 minutes.
* Baium : Level 80 : Respawn 120 H +/- 60 minutes.
* Antharas : Level 80 : Respawn 96 H +/- 60 minutes.
* Valakas : Level 80 : Respawn 168 H +/- 60 minutes.
(Valakas and Antharas are slightly nerfed)
* Frintezza : Level 80 : Respawn 144 H +/- 60 minutes.
* Core : Level 80 : Respawn 24 H +/- 30 minutes.
* Orfen : Level 80 : Respawn 36 H +/- 30 minutes.
* All Epic Raids have 100 % chance for drop while Ant Queen has chance to drop the jewel 60 %.

Heroes Informations :

* Olympiad is disabled since its a feed fest and it cannot be stopped.
* Heroes will be elected by a Hero Tournament only class based.
* The Tournament will be held once at two weeks.
* It will be made in a four-day stages :
- Day One : Human race.
- Day Two : Elf race.
- Day Three : Dark Elf race.
- Day Four : Orc and Dwarf race.
* The winners will obtain the hero abilities after the fourth day of the event.
* Tournament rules will be explained soon.

Custom addons :

* Custom armor called : CG Titanium Armor ( Apella textured )
- The custom armor stats will be with 7% better than the normal S grade ( not overpowered )
* The custom armor can be obtained by upgrading the default S grade to 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% then to CG Armor.
* Since most people dislike the concept of "custom weapons" i have decided to just make things a bit more interesting and :
- S grade weapons with SA's are by default "50%" and can be upgraded to 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
( by every uprade you make the power of the weapon increases )
* To fill the cup i have added a custom jewel, its called : Complexe Necklace/Ring/Earring.
- The Complexe Jewels can be obtained by upgrading the default S-grade tateosian to 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% then to Complexe Jewel.
( this jewel is better than the normal S-grade tateosian by 10% - basic maths : default ring -> 54 M.Def -> custom ring -> 59 M.Def. therefore its nothing overpowered ) 

Class and Skill Informations :

* Class type supporters as like : Spectral Dancer , Sword Muse will have a +5% boosted stats in P.Atk and Atk.Spd.
* Class type Dagger as like : Adventurer , Ghost Hunter , Wind Rider have the lethal land rate slightly reduced.
* Archer type class will have lethal land rate slightly reduced.
* Cancel type skills : Slightly nerfed.
* Magical Critical rate : Slightly nerfed. ( maybe )

Farming Informations :

* Ancient Adena is needed to unseal A/S grade Armors/Jewls.
* Ancient Adena droping in Execution Grounds / Cemetary / Seal of Shilen / DVC and the custom farming areas.
* The solo area has drops such as Ancient Adena, Adena and Materials + 2x more materials at spoil, also decent exp.
* The party area has drops 5x times more than the solo area + other surprises.
* To create a S grade weapon/jewels you need to gather 1.000 weapon/jewel pieces of the specific kind.
* Sealed S grade armor can be bought with adena and unsealed with AA.
- The solo + party farming area will be decided tomorow 

Some infos on L2 Segue World Pack (Should be accurate):

Server Version: Interlude 

Server rates
Exp: x85
SP: x85
Drop: x15 
Spoil: x15 
Adena: x60
RaidBoss Drop: x2 
Geodata: fully working
Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum Enchant: +16

Enchent Rate Retail 

Max Buff Amount: 20+4
Dances & Songs: 2h 
Drop Protection: Enabled 
Weight Limit: x10 
Max Subclasses: 3 
Max Subclass Level: 80 
Subclass Without Quest: Enabled 
No Augments in server!
All Grand Raid bosses lvl 80

Main Features
GM Shop**: Armors, Weapons and Jewels up to B-Grade. Misc and consumables as you need.
Custom Shop** Armors, Weapon and Jewels up to S- grade,A grade and S grade obtain from medals obtainable in farm area.
Quest items Lunargent and Hellfire oil buyable from GM Shop.
Buffer**: Npc
Class Master: All free
Gatekeeper**: Global Gatekeeper.
News Informer*: News and changelogs will be posted there.
Customizable clanhalls: You can spawn given NPCs(such as Global GK, GM Shop, Buffer, etc.) in your clanhall as you like.(ask to a GM)
Olympiad period 2 weeks!

Automatic Events
We have many events where our players can spend time and get nice rewards. 

Mini Events
Party fights
Mini TvT event
Main Events
Team vs Team
Other Info
Mammons in every major town.

Full working alt+b (all information you can find )
Many Passive Events.!
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I do apologize guys for not having the enough free time to post elaborated details about what each pack contains...or features of them.

But im sure you can realize what a pack has once you open few files...or pimp it up live to test ig.

I have so little time at my disposal...im just glad i had the chance to upload these.

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Sorry for the spam, but let me not forget that the tools shared are not mine, so credits to authors.

But all the configs and pre-made server setups are all made by me...and if you pay attention to Legacy or Sensation packs...you will find some systems that you will not see anywhere else.

Like a HB certification system for Interlude l2off with trigger skills. ( re-modeled in another way ...adapted )

Or auto time trial events.


Good luck guys.

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L2Legacy, I remember the guy selling the pack back at time, too bad a key is needed for that one :( but its not useless at all!

That was me, another account, it was not sold...not even 1 copy.

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That was me, another account, it was not sold...not even 1 copy.

Ah was you then? I think we talked back that time I had another account, lost it sadly, anyway, its nice to have it even if a key is needed.

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Forgot to mention guys....if you need any inside info or help about my shares just let me know and i'll help out.

i know everything regarding these files from bits to bytes.



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