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  1. Here: https://mega.nz/#!1FMQTTCZ!E7tnIb7qFmthkU9uuF310Sx8mQuM2nYNfdK_ai5vRrE
  2. Anyone here have the latest scripts + Ai.obj from Advext64 H5 for share?
  3. After seeing some files inside I can say this pack is a complete bullshit. Anyway thanks for share. PS: Old skill engine.
  4. You can buy a custom auth from Vanganth or Hauthd.org. They provide these function. Afaik you need a VPS in each country and redirect connection to main server.
  5. Anyone here have the last version 3.0 for share?
  6. Seems like a proxy for those regions and not two game servers.
  7. Just check how it is done in multisell. //무기 특수 능력 부여(세율적용) MultiSell_begin [weapon_variation] 4 is_show_all = 0 keep_enchanted = 1 show_variation_item = 1 selllist={ {{{[stormbringer_crt.anger];1}};{{[stormbringer];1};{[red_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[stormbringer_focus];1}};{{[stormbringer];1};{[green_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[stormbringer_light];1}};{{[stormbringer];1};{[blue_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[flamberge_crt.damage];1}};{{[flamberge];1};{[red_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[flamberge
  8. Yeah and not my problem if you don't read the first topic. Btw i've found the problem and now is fine.