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  1. Here: https://mega.nz/#!1FMQTTCZ!E7tnIb7qFmthkU9uuF310Sx8mQuM2nYNfdK_ai5vRrE
  2. Anyone here have the latest scripts + Ai.obj from Advext64 H5 for share?
  3. After seeing some files inside I can say this pack is a complete bullshit. Anyway thanks for share. PS: Old skill engine.
  4. Well in GF it works fine. IL don't know...
  5. //setclass classId For check the class ID's open manual_pch.txt.
  6. You can buy a custom auth from Vanganth or Hauthd.org. They provide these function. Afaik you need a VPS in each country and redirect connection to main server.
  7. Anyone here have the last version 3.0 for share?
  8. Seems like a proxy for those regions and not two game servers.
  9. Just check how it is done in multisell. //무기 특수 능력 부여(세율적용) MultiSell_begin [weapon_variation] 4 is_show_all = 0 keep_enchanted = 1 show_variation_item = 1 selllist={ {{{[stormbringer_crt.anger];1}};{{[stormbringer];1};{[red_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[stormbringer_focus];1}};{{[stormbringer];1};{[green_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[stormbringer_light];1}};{{[stormbringer];1};{[blue_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[flamberge_crt.damage];1}};{{[flamberge];1};{[red_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[flamberge_focus];1}};{{[flamberge];1};{[green_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[flamberge_light];1}};{{[flamberge];1};{[blue_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[mystery_sword_acumen];1}};{{[mystery_sword];1};{[red_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[mystery_sword_magicpower];1}};{{[mystery_sword];1};{[green_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}}; {{{[mystery_sword_magicweakness];1}};{{[mystery_sword];1};{[blue_soul_crystal_5];1};{[gemstone_c];97}};{291000}};
  10. Well this is a old bug that I already reported to Vanganth, but seems he doesn't care. Btw I'm using GF files and this was reported by players. The funny thing is that, players in GF can exploit this with cloaks and other set armors. We know this item can be equipped only with Dynasty and Vesper armors on GF, so GG...