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GreekStyle English (Some corections)

Guest skaros

Do you think im wrong???  

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  1. 1. Do you think im wrong???

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    • Damn Skaros is hot and i LOVE him

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Guest skaros


and because some retards started calling donors "donators" doenst mean its like that!!! :@


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donor proof

* [[blood donation|Blood donor]]*

* [[sperm donation|Sperm donor]]*

* [[Organ donation|Organ donor]]*

* [[Egg Donation|Egg Donor]]*


and all retards that say YOUTUBE is sounds when u say it YOUTIUB and that YOUTUB is wrong BOTH are right.. so stfu...

and lineage2 is not called L A I N A I T Z as greek ppl say -.- the game is called L I N I E T Z!!!!

im pissed off because some friends of mine call me stupid because all the above say that are wrong...


Ask an english teacher (If she is from america-england or she knows really good english she will tell u exact what i said)

ai Greek end ai am now veri gud inglis!!! ...



kai epidi kapoia zwadia ksekinisane na lene tous donors "donators" den simeni oti einai etc ...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donor Apodiksi? Na mexri kai i pagosmia egiklopedia to leei -.-

* [[blood donation|Blood donor]]*

* [[sperm donation|Sperm donor]]*

* [[Organ donation|Organ donor]]*

* [[Egg Donation|Egg Donor]]*


kai osa xaza lete pws to youtube proferete youtiub kai pws emeis elines to leme la8ps youtub eisaste teleios xaza... gti

kai ta 2 einai swsta mono p lene i amerikani youtube kai oi agloi youtuube vazoune perisoteri emfasi sto uu ... alla kai to

youtiub den einai la8os alla min isaste xaza kai lete pws ta alla einai la8os gti tha sas akousei kanenas ksenos kai tha

skasei sta gelia...


A nai... kai pws sas irthe i empneusi na pite to pexnidi lineage2 proferete L A I N A I T Z??? L I N I E T Z einai

ama poume pws uparxei leksi lainaitz tha simene grami kai xronos.Omos i leksi linietz simeni kati san ikogeniako dentro i makroxronia dld pws kati tha exei polla xronika .... eleos...


i mana m einai apo toronto kai m mou lete tis malakies pws egw tin episa na m pei pws ta lene etc giati den vgazw kanena ofelos...

kai exeis spoudasei 2 xronia agliki filologia kai 1 eglimatologia... (I eglimatologia tora p kolaei den kserw :p) osoi sinexizete na ta

lete etc 8a ne apo sinithio bare m na kserete... kai osoi me amfisvitite exete ligotero apo 50 iq.



ai Greek end ai am now veri gud inglis!!! ...

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many ppl thing that donator is correct as a noun of donate.yes its donor i agree.


yes i agree its not "youtiube" its youtube as u say and abou the lineage thing i had asked my english teacher 1 year ago and he told its pronnounced "linietz".


and tell your friends to open a dictionary or sth! :P

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THERE IS NO DONOR!!!! D O N O R!!!! (Im not sure it spelled like  me im mistaken) is DONOR!!! and because some retards started calling donators "donors"  doenst mean its like that!!! :@


http://www.cryobank.com/  proof

*[[|Sperm donor]]* <--------- i am a perv



and all retards that say YOUTIUB is sounds when u say it YOUTUB and that YOUTUB is wrong BOTH are right.. so stfu... [Wtf]

and lineage2 is not called L A I N A I T Z as greek ppl say -.- the game is called L I N I E T Z!!!!

im pissed off, because some friends of mine call me stupid :'(


Ask an english teacher If she is from america-england , if she is not then dont study whit her

ai Greek end ai am now veri gud inglis!!! ...



xD (spam Topic rulz)


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Guest skaros

yeh you are right but still, you are hot and i <3 you :P


let's take the word Hawkeye


greek ppl translation: hokai

it is actually h(u)akai


i tottaly agree with u :D lets teach some greek ppl real english :P

to thema den einai pws to lene me la8os profora... etc einai edw kai se poles xwres den mporeis na eisai 100% sigouros gia oles tis lekseis... to thema einai pws tous diorthoneis kai s lene oti exeis la8os kai ama tous peis pws exeis rwtisi kai tous peis poion tha s poune na pas na tous rwtiseis k tha pate na tous rwtiseis kai pali tha s poun tote gti oloi to leme etc... dld eleos RETARTDS!!! FRIENDS FTW!!!

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I dont care at all. :P "Donator -  donor" ... The both of them are n00bS. =D


Hahaha You're Right...


Yes , Skaros You Are Tottally R I G H T..


Some Of My "Friends" Say The Same With This.. That Im Noob Cause Im Telling It With The Correct Accent... And That Its Zakeeen Intead of Zaken.. And Sh1t...


Anyway , I Don't Really Care.. Is Just A Game..


Let The Noobs , Believe What They Want To Believe...


Now , About The Donor / Donator Word..


Maybe They Started Calling It Donator Cause The Word Donation Has an "at" Inside It...


Or Maybe The Liked The Accent Of Donator Instead of Donor..! xD


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What's the point of this?



Blane i laughed with my heart..the way u said k. OMG!It sounds like yeah sure say whatever u like i don't give a -beep-


Damn Skaros is hot and i LOVE him ?????????

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About how Lineage is called you are right, I got surprised when I learnt it about 6 months ago but I still call it laineitz bcz all the others do it this way.

Isn't it strange to do the opposite ?

So from now and on I will call it L2 xD


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    • its not the html.   its the "calling" of it (like Salty said) and i cant figure it out...
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    • its pretty obvious that you already say whats wrong and it is indeed the wrong but , you do not see it.. when the error is super clear!  as the friend above said, you are not parsing the html so it gives you "empty" or "faulty" html as main 🙂 cause it doesnt even exist!
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