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  1. ... να πω μια καλησπέρα στην παλιά παρέα ( @Maxtor Νίκο κακό ελληνικό font ρε αδερφέ )
  2. Good luck mate! Wish you the best! I quited for development, but photoshoping is nice too :)
  3. Ρε μαλάκες ένα forum πεθαμένο είναι γαμώ την παναγία, τι χαλιέστε; Δεν μπήκατε στο staff; ΠΙΟ STAFF; Μάθαμε τώρα. Πολυεθνική το έχετε δει και ψάχνεστε για προαγωγή. Ένα click παραπάνω είναι ο global moderator για να μεγαλώσει το e-kavli σας. ΞΥΠΝΑΤΕ ΡΕ. ΒΓΕΙΤΕ ΚΑΙ ΛΙΓΟ.
  4. Blane

    EN Ps4 Omfg

    So useful features for 399. :P
  5. Μ' αρέσει που μιλάτε για benchmarks και ταχύτητα τη στιγμή που το θέλετε μόνο για facebook. Anyway, άμα το δεις πιο σοβαρά επιτέλους ένας άνθρωπος που καταλαβαίνει τι και πως:
  6. Για android το κινητό είναι ένα γατάκια: http://www.google.com/nexus/5/ Για Apple δεν το συζητάω. Ό,τι πληρώνεις παίρνεις. Premium ποιότητα και άπειρη γκάμα εφαρμογών.
  7. Τουλάχιστον στον δικό μου τομέα (Πληροφορική) δεν μετράει το πτυχίο. Απλά δεν μετράει. Πάρτο και από το χωριό σου. Αν ξέρεις να κάνεις 2-3 πράματα σωστά, αυτά εκτιμούνται στο τέλος. Ωστόσο: Προφανώς και θα πάρεις παραπάνω γνώσσεις μαθαίνοντας διακριτά μαθηματικά σε σχέση με τα "μαθηματικά για προγραμματιστές" (γελάω μόνο απ' τον τίτλο). Όσο και να μην μας αρέσουν είναι χρήσιμα τα μπουρδέλα (τα μαθηματικά). Και για τον επίλογο, έχεις πιο πολλές πιθανότητες να κάνεις κάτι σωστά και καλά άμα έχεις τα κατάλληλα εφόδια (που σημαίνει ότι για μένα δεν έχουν ΣΕ ΚΑΜΙΑ ΠΕΡΙΠΤΩΣΗ τα ΑΕΙ/ΤΕΙ
  8. Make him? Isn't this is a ripped flash template? Oh my god.. And you call yourself a webdesigner? @threadstarter: contact me if you're interested for a serious project Ciao
  9. For sure is too high but you'd have to have a demo to present to possible investors. If you are so sure about that project I might want to help in exchange of shares. If you are in need of technological assistance, pm me.
  10. Unreachable. We have gathered from crowd funding right now around 2-3 million euros and they're still not that much. Such kind of projects do not get supported from a person only because it's nearly impossible unless you have some serious money on the bank. They instead get some support with investors. That's the goal of crowd funding. There are also VC (venture capitalists) who invest on a project getting some shares. There's also Kickstarter's way of funding. Before looking for money you need to have a clear plan, some nice high fidelity prototypes and generally a sort of demo. Are
  11. I'm being paid extremely well to work on that company and I'm one of the 8 total developers there. If you're going for a smaller project, with lower target then maybe you need about 1500€-2000€ for the developer and an other 500€ for the designer for sure. But that way you'll keep your target at a low level (meaning not targeting something like twitter/facebook or similar giants).
  12. Oh yeah, or you can use something like this if you intent to have like 10 people online :)
  13. Nothing is so difficult, but it needs good planning. In the company I currently work we're developing our own social network. The coding is too much if you choose to have a public API for 3rd party developers, and scalability in mind. If you want to scale to maximum you need to consider a smart architecture. In our example: - Front end (the main website) -> Laravel (PHP) for rendering pages (HTML/CSS/JS/LESS etc...) - Back end (for every single request) -> NodeJS, MongoDB & express. - Android app -> Java, iOS app -> Objective C We currently have like 8 develop
  14. Well I know much about coding in several both frond-end/back-end languages. We're talking about the web I suppose?
  15. Web design & development services at low cost. Throw me a message @ nlamprok [at] gmail [dot] com!

    1. Maxtor


      i will change the limit of pms .. 50 is too low

  16. For now, just add more to the inbox quota. 50 messages aren't that much.
  17. Είστε άγουστοι αν προτιμάτε SMF από αυτό.
  18. To whoever wanting to buy: Please send me a PM with the transaction you made out of paypal. Thanks!
  19. You know I'll say it again. It's not dead, I just want to revive some memories. Money is not the problem and donations aren't the only way to make money to continue serving a good gameplay. I just wanted to see how many players want to really play the classic L2 that became known to us back then.
  20. L2nostalgia seems to be a hot server indeed. Dunno, it's a test anyway.
  21. True, I just wanted to re-bring life to oldschool players with retail rates, not mid-rates or high-rates. Plus, Interlude is now the most famous chronicle for "old school" but I personally remember my best times were those in C4 (baaaack then). C5 was not that biiiig game changer in the history of L2. C3 is well.. too old but maybe yes why not, if files do exist. Rates are discussable but the scenario claims for a low-rate server. x15 is considered mid-rate, right? Thanks for explaining the reasons. Botting will be semi-allowed (if a GM catches you bottin
  22. Well I still think that yes, but this project is trying to bring back the old-school goodness of L2. I respect your opinion and thanks for giving some time to reply :)