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Promo Code - Donation Npc

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Hello members of macheaters, as the tittle says Im selling a Donation Npc which works with Promo Codes, this is a unique feature I created for my server so the sells are gonna be limited.


So lets start, what is this? This is an npc, where GMs can go and attach items on a random generated promo code, each promo code can contain 1-10 items (can be edited for more) OR a costum feature, the costum feature can be anything, it works with java commands which get casted on the guy who uses the Promo Code. If you still didnt understand how this works, here are some screens I made.


This is the main page, normal players can see only the button "Continue" while GMs can create new gift codes and attach anything they want on them IG throu the "Create Gift" button:



By pressing "Create Gift" as GM, the npc will ask you what type of gift you want to attach on your promo code, a costum code or an item?



Lets choose item for now, as example, I pressed 3 items so this pops up:



I added the above values on the editboxes, and I click "Create Gift" to attach the items on the Promo-Code, if all goes fine, then I get this message:



Okay, so our promo code is created succesfully, and the items are attached and ready to go! Lets create a test char and enter the promo code on the NPC, at the main page I click "Continue" and this pop's up:



I entered the Promo-Code ID which was sent to the GM from the server, and I press "Create Gift" , the results?



So thats it... I will upload a video soon.


These are the current features which can be included on the Promo-Code instead of Items:



Every Promo-Code can be used only once! It destroys itself after use.

With this method you can even e-mail the Promo-Code to the donator!

For the pricing PM me, or let a reply here and I will pm you, for more info or questions, add me on skype: drake2wow

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Good stuff, gj mate. Trusted guys.

Skilled and trusted for sure.

I reccomend his services.

GL with your sales mate. ;)

Also added on skype.

Good Luck with ur sales  8)

Well finally something new...

Good luck.


thx all of you guys

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