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What if you wanted to go in a deep place, like the nobless ports, but you arent a nobless? The answear is here!


In a few servers with a less stable geodata you can get to deep places easily.


Simple, ask a nobless to port the place you need to go, and before he port you put autofolow on him, result: You will see everything in the town disapear which mean u arent there anymore, restart client and you will be in a new place.


This is not accurate for every port, but per example the Forge of Gods LowerLevel port works 100% like i said, others like imperial tomb will make the folower go by foot crossing walls etc, so, not very useful. Try by yourself porting different places and remember that geodata can be good enough to block your bugging :P Have fun

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yes man this is soooooooooo old i dont think that it work on C5-C6-C7


Yeah, nor in c8 c9 and c999999

Come on ppl, C6 doesn't exist, is Interlude, and from there is Ct1.


Anyway, veeeeeeeeery old bug. Though I remember it worked 6 months ago in a USA L2J server. Rebirth or something, back when it was Interlude.

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