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  1. Could you show a couple pictures to me ? Im insterested if its working on off packages
  2. Dark elf wynn 92 nobl + sub abyss walker 68 Twilight set + Seraph leather set (top normal +4 + element resists) waiting 2x Weapons 1)pve apo bow + wind element 2)pvp apo caster + oly augment Skill refresh The account has 12 euro on itself (=> 1 month prenium that you can activate whenever you want) Negotiable price Contact me through mxc soon- skype/msn/yahoo messengers
  3. i recommand him, bought one char, everything went very well, thanks again !
  4. Any1 can help me?? if wanna message me... thank's
  5. I wanna help with l2 walker for IL server [iG]
  6. Dilosis tetiou idous ipovivazun tin piotita tou istiotopou mas . Provalondas paralila epi8etiki simperifora apenanti se kapio alo melos kindinevi to karma sou ka8os ta reply iparxun gia na voi8as ke oxi gia na mionis. Efxaristo gia tin katanoisi sou
  7. tnx for informing me before loging :) still lf server
  8. Hmmmmm Afto filarako m ine mia litourgia tou l2net , to oog multybox . Oloi exun tin aparetiti noimosini na ani3un parapanw para8ira gia rewards . Afto ine pure l2net / walker
  9. Eksigise parapano , an exis event p den xani to register meta to exit game , dose m 1 link
  10. so ? what can i do to bot there ? xD (same problem on l2net)
  11. Im using l2 walker 2.18d ingame walker . It was fine on every server , but now , when im trying to log on beyond.lt , a new server , using walker . After preshing Run l2 , on the walker , lineage is executed correctly , but then smthing is happening and my walker crushes , i get no errors , its the same as if i never opened it .