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  1. If your on the newer Gracia server don't forget to change the l2.exe to l2.bin
  2. This bug is what years old? And this works on some Kameal servers
  3. Will some moderator give -1 karma to the spammers. Btw the two programs that guy posted work well.
  4. how do i find the server IP and port. Even with these guides I dont get it.
  5. Just to tell you guys the owner of L2InC has fixed this bug and has posted how to fix it on the L2J forums so enjoy it while it still lasts..
  6. Or you can find a mouse that has macros on it and use that
  7. http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/zds7894/Untitled-2.jpg thats what I got
  8. I did search and I always search just didn't find it. Besides I choose karma cause half the people who a big post count just spam and don't contribute. anyways /lock it
  9. This is how you will learn to have no cooldown on your skills. Warning: When you delete a character on your server be sure there is a time until he is deleted. Steps: 1. Use your skill. 2. Exit to character selection. 3. Delete your character. 4. Restore your character. 5. Then your skill is ready to use again. P.S. This skill is more useful for people who play olympiad. So they dont have to wait for their skills to cooldown and can sign up again with all their skills ready to go. Here is a video incase you don't understand the instructions. --> http://f
  10. L2J is java. Look around in the main section theres plenty of good buggs there.
  11. Check the L2Dictionary section lot of random people just spamming there.
  12. the clan warehouse one is fixed on 80% of servers