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  1. Hello beloved community......If you can please offer your help with this I would really appreciate it and get back at you in the future... it made me pretty depressed....I wanted to buy the spoofer from adrenaline,but after purchasing adrenaline I realised the owner is a dick and the program is useless,since you NEED A VOUCH and 25 $ more to bypass popular protections,unlike stated..so it is useless for most of us..so I ll stick to the cracked one in future....I also did try using a proxy but it is not working....I am using a Virtualbox but sadly I cant run more than one since emulating and hiding it required too much from my cpu..(sever has VM protection but got over it)..... Please help a brother out and I promise I won't ever forget it(I will also share the server as well as my method of farming with a custom script that I made)!