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  1. As the title says, I m begging any of you to help me with this issue, the server had dynamic bypass meaning every time you go to alt b and back the bypass is changing..... However I found this resource: They suggest using this: uses SysUtils, Classes, RegExpr; // plug in module RegExpr function Bypass(dlg: string): boolean; var RegExp: TRegExpr; SL: TStringList; i: integer; bps: string; begin Result:= true; // set the default result RegExp:= TRegExpr.Create; // initialize objects for further work SL:= TStringList.Create; RegExp.Expression:= '(<a *(.+?)</a>)|(<button *(.+?)>)'; // set regexp to search for all possible bypasses if RegExp.Exec(Engine.DlgText) then // if you found the desired pattern, then repeat SL.Add(RegExp.Match[0]); // fill our list with such matches until (not RegExp.ExecNext); // until the patterns run out for i:= 0 to SL.Count-1 do begin // now go over our list if (Pos(dlg, SL[ i ]) > 0) then begin // if the i-th line contains the required text, then RegExp.Expression:= '"bypass -h *(.+?)"'; // look for a text template with bypass if RegExp.Exec(SL[ i ]) then // and if found, then copy from it a piece of interest to us bps:= TrimLeft(Copy(RegExp.Match[0], 12, Length(RegExp.Match[0])-12)); end; end; Print(bps); // print out the final bypass if (Length(bps) > 0) then Engine.BypassToServer(bps); // if its length is > 0, then send to server RegExp.Free; // do not forget to free up memory SL.Free; end; begin Bypass('Fighter Scheme'); // directly the function call, it will find the corresponding bypass and send it end. However nothing happends...also the base script is this: uses SysUtils, Classes, RegExpr; // plug in module RegExpr procedure PrintAllTags(); // print all designs with bypasses var RegExp: TRegExpr; begin RegExp:= TRegExpr.Create; RegExp.Expression:= '(<a *(.+?)</a>)|(<button *(.+?)>)'; if RegExp.Exec(Engine.DlgText) then repeat Print(RegExp.Match[0]); until (not RegExp.ExecNext); RegExp.Free; end; begin PrintAllTags(); end. It should return bypasses right? But it doesnt for me.... ( everything works fine with other scripts btw) Thank you for your time!
  2. This should guide it to do it yourself> Use macro program to scan/recognize pixel color at X location(the right answer) then scan pixel color at all the possible answers,then if color match click answer mouse coordonate :)
  3. Hello beloved community......If you can please offer your help with this I would really appreciate it and get back at you in the future... it made me pretty depressed....I wanted to buy the spoofer from adrenaline,but after purchasing adrenaline I realised the owner is a dick and the program is useless,since you NEED A VOUCH and 25 $ more to bypass popular protections,unlike it is useless for most of I ll stick to the cracked one in future....I also did try using a proxy but it is not working....I am using a Virtualbox but sadly I cant run more than one since emulating and hiding it required too much from my cpu..(sever has VM protection but got over it)..... Please help a brother out and I promise I won't ever forget it(I will also share the server as well as my method of farming with a custom script that I made)!
  4. Zuzu..about this..( poti sa imi dai add pe mess te rog la rrobert576..cateva lamuriri :D ) ty..just telling him something important