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  1. This rly works! And how about adena?
  2. NEWLY BORN MOTHER FUCKING RISE AGAINST !!! Xp = 500 Sp = 500 PartyXp = 2 DropAdena = 1000 Weapon/Armor/Jewel Shops A/S grade Armor unsealable Custom Farm zones with custom funny mobs Level up zone with funny mobs Imperial Tomb drops AA/Adena spoils shafts/heads/blades ACM drops AA RB's in ACM drop RA Weapons Epic RB's such as Valakas/Antharas/Baium drop S grade SA weapons/RB Jewelery NPC Buffer Buff Duration 2 Hours No nobles Quest Fully Interlude with all working skills Custom GK Sieges at weekends Retail olympiad style RA Weapons - just a litt
  3. u can try it with warehouse i guess..didnt try that tho
  4. 1 version of what ? 2 l2 off mostly 3 yes u can and finaly i dont play l2 so its complicated to make a video :/
  5. must be allot of experiance
  6. es-l2 it worked and i think it hasnt been fixed yet...on bunch of lithuanian servers...and some l2off english servers dun remember the names tho...u can try on any server..since u cant fix the bug unless take out striders outta the game
  7. Gonna be hard making a video since i aint playing any l2 atm..just an old bug i remembered and shared...tried on several servers before worked on l2off c4/c6...dont think u find any l2j that it works since they have that trade system where items dont go from ur trade side to the trade window..it stays in both sides and u cant put 2 times the same item..u can try and ask wich part u didnt understand
  8. Did not find anything like it so lemme try.. Needed: 1. Strider 2. Lots of stuff u wanna dupe 3. Friend Rules are simple, u can dupe only items that stack in one place in ur inventory. For example.:Adena, AA, Mantra/Seal Stones, Mana Potions, HP Potions, CP Potions..u get the idea Process: 1. Summon ur strider in some less crowded town, FE.: (Heine). 2. Now u need to make this thing really fast, when ur friend asks u for a trade u accept the trade and press TAB so fast that the trade and ur inventory opens at once. 3. U must have Trade, Inventory, and pets Inventory
  9. hero dual silence and silence dont land at all...u can barely land shit like hex/hamstring
  10. its always like that u will only get 1 class skills lvl 78/80 and other will be only lvl 40
  11. doesnt work on my server, u sill got c grade expertise and when u put the s grade u get penalty and move like a turtle