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  1. Kai apo mena Elixir .. Exei paidia apo e-global kai BnB
  2. hahaha !! Quite funny and get's on the nerves of the other ! xD
  3. Gj broooo REALLY FUNNY!!!! Awesome !! well done :)
  4. I like ALL places of l2 .. especially when you are alone .. I've traveled ALL the map.. and i've seen quite Beautifull places... The world of l2 is so beautifull.. It's like a second life..
  5. Sini8ws dn iparxoun Enchant bugs.. alla gia des auto!mporei na fanei xrisimo alla to sigkekrimeno topic 8elei 120posts ! :S http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=24341.0