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  1. wake up, no one's going to look here for those informations.
  2. god, a guide about how to start on a 6 years old mmorpg, that cannot be serious
  3. Haha. Its pretty fun. level 1 have 16k patk.
  4. Date Registered: July 26, 2010, 08:22:04 PM
  5. wow, you just hate kinda all mmorpgs, why are you even here? And photoshop sucks, has no pvp!!
  6. Lineage is going to be revamped. 1. Storyline will feature the Goddess of Destruction taking over the Chaotic Throne. To prevent this, the humans engage the help of the Titans (or Giants). 2. New R-class weapons, a group of the most powerful R-weapons cannot be traded. Upgrading method will also differ from other equipments'. R stands for "Royal". (confirmed) 3. 4th class advancement, known as the Awakening System. (confirmed, new info will be released gradually) 4. More monsters, more bosses, more conquerable maps and over 20 new hunting maps. (confirmed) 5. New te
  7. hi, thats really incredible, however it does not fit the size. 500x115 max, do you care resizing it? :)
  8. It's cool, however I bet there are better ones :)
  9. Hello, I'm requesting a signature, whoever makes a good one will get all the adena I have. And my thanks. The theme is Tera online, you can easily find stuff about it in google. The sig must show also this logo: Resized, any way you want it, but please, show it. Max resolution 500 x 115. NO TEXT Thanks to everyone who makes an effort for it. ;D
  10. looks nice, lets see it in one hour.
  11. Retail lineage merged all the servers they had in 2 new servers. TWO servers, one EU, one US. Pretty much dead.
  12. new server meng!!!11!111!!1