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  1. The l2dd.ws is a very decent server, BUT it is very hard and quite complicated and this is made worse since noone speaks any english whatsoever. but it is a very low rate very hard server
  2. i had a brief experience of the server. i cant explain any better what i mean, im sorry. your best option is to try it by yourself...
  3. for the brief time i "played" i didnt see stats that were extremely abnormal. no 50k patk and 20k def with 1234234234235hp. ofcourse i didnt see everything on server, but what i saw didnt remind extremely modified server (as far as stats are concerned) i will know more if i test it in length
  4. i actually tried the server for a day or so to give an opinion. even though it is extremely customised the stats were kept low. and i managed to alter my char/gameplay just by trying different items.more news on beta testing!
  5. multiskill and not h5? if you want to try it out join us on a low rate multiskill h5 server http://l2silver.eu/acp/?page=referral&id=58
  6. i like the "we tried as much as possible things remained the retail version." part. i would try it though
  7. you are PLAYING lineage2 and it is one homemade server that will waste your time? so why are you playing if you dont waste your time? and wasting time means loosing 5 mins in game to see its homemade? if you want to go pro with l2 the go official. how come i knew this server was bad even before i joined and all you guys come here even now and complain about homemade etc etc. even if you complain the server owner will do the same thing again and again till he gets better simply because he likes it.
  8. the post was probably locked because the server is to open in 10 days. move the post in the correct thread to keep it unlocked.
  9. HUH??? either you know something we dont or you are a bit mistaken
  10. opinion is one thing. not respecting the effort (however small it is) a guy has made. if i tried to open a server up just to test my skills and practice, it would be a lot worse than this one. and i know it. but i would rather have some creative critisism to see what i have done wrong, than some pointless whinning. and yes when you see "blessed 100% @ +16 and un limited buff and tattoo" it is going to be imbalanced. you dont have to join.
  11. i know it was a bad server. but that doesnt mean that any guy can go around and say "DONT post it on this forum" or "DONT make it pvp its crap" the admin did his best because he wanted to have a go at server making. so what? dont join the server at all. if you cant figure out how bad the server is by looking at the rates etc after 8 years of l2 then you're the noob (not you- being general). sorry again for being off topic
  12. why? do you pay for the server or something? sorry for being off topic. i wanna try the server tho
  13. buffer/tp and a few other things are in russian. also when i speak no matter what or how i write it its in russian in the end. i tried .cfg and eng but no change. other than that it needs a bit of work but its ok
  14. just for sea spawning im joining!
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