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  1. Hello guys, I am coming back to this account after around 10 years, which I have been away from Lineage 2, even though I used to be a really avid player, only now, for some reason the spark of L2 has ignited again. Back then, I used to love everything about L2 and just played so many servers, hosted my own small L2J ones but what I really always wanted was to build my own L2 server from scratch, make it interesting and host it for other people. So, I was playing a bit of L2 recently in a randomly picked Interlude server and suddenly I just had the itch to go and attempt creating my
  2. Hello everyone, im not sure if this is the right topic where i should post this but here i goes: I'm beggining a project, which is all about creating a flexible lineage 2 server in C++. Im starting doing it as a side project to learn encryption mainly, and to get familiar with ncsoft how-to's. Maybe i will keep it going to provide a flexible l2off like server to everyone, we will see. :) What i need help with is, i would appreciate to have a brief explanation on the login server protocol, like telling me what is the exact encryption method, in which packet it should be used and what
  3. Exactly, it has everything needed to have a good time :D So, Join the server, you wont regret once it gets going on its feet. :):)
  4. Pretty cool server, I indeed like it. Needs some improvement and few more active people but that should happen soon. :D Very good rates, it has all the potential to win. Do your role as players that they will do theirs as admins :D
  5. Yeah, maybe MAC Adress can be changed, tho, i didnt knew it. I doubt it just because the MAC adress is a hardware code. To change it with a software would be hard imo. But "mask" the Mac is not impossible i know ^^
  6. Mac Adress cannot be changed, if the voting server listens for MAC all you can try is a proxy to vote many times. Otherwise only changing IP will be enough to do the votation. lichia, your server certainly has a protection against multiple votes, probably a button that will only be available once a day. Google for proxy browsers and such, which will help you connect via proxy to the websites and also make macros for it.
  7. Thats not an exploit, thats common sense. If you want to actually autovote you will need a macro program to do that for you like a clicker. But if u want a really good auto voter pay for it or program your own :)
  8. L2Survival is the L2Infinity reborn. You will find there most old features and most of the old players. Live was today(1 aug 18h gmt +1) and we are already with many players online. Site: http://www.l2-survival.net/ Server Rate: 500x Npc Buffer GmShop Custom Items Have fun there :D
  9. Agree... IM waiting for the x15 rate for 2 weeks.
  10. Site: http://l2overtime.es.tl/ Rates: XP x35 SP x35 Spoil x25 Drop x20 Quest x10 Full buff in NPC Mana potions Class Change Server really rocks...Problem is low online ppl... Make a effort to change that. Pm Hellhound, Saya or Diva for some help in beggining. Hope u join & like the server.
  11. Whatever u have, adena, A or S items... U say :P
  12. l2hardcore.com x15 would be an idea.. But the server needs to get better first..
  13. And what about making a patch that actually works? :X
  14. OMFG l2 extreme again? third time?!?!?! And i know well euroworld and its not what i asked, so, please read well the features i need before shouting... L2hardcore is the only server that is inside what i ask so far ^^ I want to try it but its far from being working properly...
  15. L2elite would be nice(i think) but i havent c4 client. When i said c5/interlude i mean it bcoz i actualy dont have other chronicle ^^
  16. Yes im trying to check L2hardcore, but the admins(sorry) are a bit noobs.... Now the site is down, god knows why... the updater(IncUpdate) is obviously not working(Common error: Expired!). how the fuck u want more ppl in the server if you dont even have a patch? Good Game!
  17. bump, still lookings for it... (Server ex. all rates x15 with class changer)
  18. I can give in enchange items in many servers like supreme and many mid/high rates.
  19. i dont want it to be. I like aserver with mid rate where we must craft, but with easier rates. :D
  20. L2just had it like this..and it was fun:D It was x45 with Gmshop for B grade. And we had to craft the rest, wasnt that hard...
  21. -Mid Rate(15x-45x) -Gm Shop with max B grade, or no gmshop. -Class Changer. -high drop/spoil rate (like 10x drop or more, same for spoil) I-ncreased quest rates -C5/Interlude. in sum, i want a server where its not very hard to lvlup, also not so easy. Where we must craft our own stuff, but without much pain. Thanks in advance
  22. I have in Supreme servers many A and some S stuff. Pm me if u r interested. I have stuff in other servers too i can trade for l2 azarath items, like isogames. PM