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  1. I have some items i'd like to trade from aerith 5x (supreme-azure) to wrath(or dex) server Armors A-grade DC Robe Set (+4,+3,+3,+3) (unsealed) DC Robe Set (+4,+3,gloves+1,boots+0) (unsealed) Majestic Light Set (only main part is +4, the rest is +0) (unsealed) Robe Of Nightmare (unsealed) Tallum Stockings (unsealed) DC Leggings Light (sealed) DC Shield (unsealed) DC Shield (sealed) B-grade Doom Heavy Set (only main part is +4,the rest is +0) Doom Light Armor Doom Shield Weapons SOM+3+Acumen AOBA+Health Kris+3+Focus Jewelry S-grade Tateossian