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    I'm back!
  1. Re-post! and yeah you guys can play AION on Beta like i do ^^
  2. yeah i know, my error, links fixed i just saw it now lol done
  3. Well Lain done a poll about AION: the tower of eternity VS Lineage II, and that made me search about AION, well i found so many things about that game. So the game wasnt realeased yet, but there is the Beta test fase and im playing there, and i can teach you how you will be able to play on Beta too. I think that will be greate if MxC staff open a Section just for AION ;) [if you want to play on AION BETA FASE check my tutorial by click on this link]: Click Me __________________ AION The tower of Eternity __________________ Related Links Ultim
  4. LOL what happened to this post? i remembered more posts here :S anyway my skype: teamk8 Fell free to add me ;)
  5. #Yeah Server rocks, just need more online people ;) #Thank you, is good to be back too :D
  6. POST EDITED: How to connect link and Tutorial Enchant Rates Added Important points color changed Give it a try and tell us ;)
  7. Guys i was searching for a middle rate nice system server (not much custom and with nice features) and i found! This server has a unique gameplay and i loved it! So Come on everybody lets try it, give it a change im sure that middle rate (pvp/ farm/events....) players will love it! ---------------------------------------- Server Features ---------------------------------------- Rates: exp: 40x sp: 30x Adena: 160x Party: 1.15x *Gracia part 1/2 *Newbies starts with TOP no-grade *Rebirth system *Subclass Free *Weddin
  8. LOL? you think that is hard, i pass it at the first time see what is hard :P | V http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc116/sk8erdolido/13-2.jpg[/img] i always pass this lvl with lucky, just go foward doing S and this is my objective, i hate this lvl, just passed it once :S | V http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc116/sk8erdolido/16-2.jpg[/img]
  9. LOL are you kidding? if you pretend to give works so this topic should be on spam section, like the others of all design works done for mxc users... and one question, what has cokacola, pikatchu, underworld and skype has to do with max cheaters? and what is the difficulty of that, just make a 350 x 19 new file on photoshop and re-size a image and write something. Dont try to make up your spam, if you think it is a good idea, go head and post it in spam section --' A Mod who move this topic please for spam section
  10. Theyr objective is to you play on the official, and pay them to play, not to community mod the game, thats why lineage II modding is illigal, cuz you are changing other guys work protected with copyrights. has to, but must be Lineage II developers software, they have to do the game some way and test it other way...
  11. i was searching on youtube by l2 movies about gracia and i found this :O i think that this is Lineage 2 gracia final developers testing all items in a closed room, see all items, ne NPCs and mobs, mounts, skills and transformations. i hope you enjoy!
  12. i already passed it ^^ and i reached lvl 15 with 0 deaths ^^ when i have some free time i will play it again a post a ss :P
  13. cant download anyway, is a RapidShare problem they say that they have alot of free users downloading, so i have to wait, but it will be impossible to down, cuz arround the world may be 100000 people downloading and 10000 waiting for slots, so :S Rapidshare is blocking free users and trying to make more premium... mafia can you please, upload to other hoster? like i would be greatefull if you upload it to megaupload or something like that. thanks ^^