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  1. server doesn't forum and i cant say nothing about bugs ,becouse where? GM start thinking about it,no just $$$$$
  2. ye i hate it for exampe is off now :D l2kyoko =l2sense .... 100max online good balance oly doesn't work
  3. I cant connect with server....;/
  4. I found the best proof,so STOP talking BULLSHIT!!! DTK is just a nOOb.As I said before DTK if u try to do something do it right...
  5. on the pictures i can see something is wrong i mean when he open backpack he has 80slots for items but on pvpworld we have 128....so it is second mistake:) if you're doing something next time do it right----> "DTK"
  6. is bad server mag is OP/sps 2k cast speed and gm said is like retail 1/10 for mag crt. just 1 GM nobody else ,i leave this serwer becouse there is max 200ppl online with dualbox//GM dont want do nothing there NOTHING!
  7. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=169040.0 who can help me to translate it? when i download it to my pc that brute is different...
  8. on this server is Op mage...
  9. hehehe nice I have to just try use it :D THX