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  1. It detects to me too...but after a looooong time using it, i've never had any problem
  2. Remember to run all files as administrator...sometimes i get error if I dont do that
  3. working properly, I hope retarded GM from valkyria doesnt ban me>< pd: GM get a life!
  4. All walkers have shiit...i had it for over 6 months and no problem
  5. Hi, I found this guide in youtube (I tried to contact with the autor but I get no reply) and I'm going to post it here because it worked fine for me and have almost no problems while setting it up. I'm using the OOG version, and got some issues with antivirus and WaBy (Walker Bypass) but i solved them once, and now it works without any problem. To get the server IP, you can follow Lain's Guide To get IP/Port of Any server here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=21928.0 Instructions (Copy+paste from the video comments :) ) Packet with files
  6. I found this video in youtube I managed to get it working, i had to configure my antivirus because sometimes it deleted the files, but works perfectly (atm botting in arena200x), use it at ur own risk
  7. sometimes waby gives me problems with antivirus
  8. first 100 posts good, but now 200 too bad now :P
  9. i think that l2inc because have a lot of players online, and is one of the most played :)
  10. make u own server xD, idont know any server that u can use walker, without ban!
  11. killings raid.. with spoil u cant get bewX... burn oly points its bad idea ... best buy bogs :)