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  1. works perfect, even in arena200x
  2. In dark elven village....i dont see the map, i just see the outter mountain :s
  3. People from deviantArt always make better wallpapers, check webpage and you'll realize
  4. it'll be really nice if someone could upload all this stuff again!
  5. i know they use with me >> and debuff in oly.. im he/pp
  6. It doestn work. at least in c4 l2off servers ;) gl!
  7. mmm my walker(ig 1.55) in dnet is working with the old fdlrv.dll....dont need to change it!
  8. i bote that no, music pirat only impair the artist, and they are rich"!! Anyway..ill buy original cds if artist do nice music...not that cmmercial shiiit
  9. http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=lceOdKYFzrw omg