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  1. ingame walker works, but you know, outgame is always better
  2. If you want ig walker, just go to official towalker site, and download it... it's free and don't needs verification anymore, start it and bot. An outgame walker would be really interesting.
  3. yes the login server sends online count too of all servers(in serverlist packet), just the l2 cilent isn't writes it out, l2net, and l2walker does, but some servers have bot protection, so those arent work. a screenshot from that tool: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/3266/dibujoubq.jpg
  4. i didn't said i own the server, so i can't make sql queries. this .online thing ofc not work, i never seen any ingame command for a common player to get the online player count. But ive seen a php page where you wrote the ip of login server, and it wrote the online player count of each gameserver on that login server. But i cant find it anymore.
  5. dragon network have a lot of donators, but the worst is for 125 euros you can get a an armor set like this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5862163/dnbalance.png (dnet set, non craftable), and even for 200 eur, you can get an icarus bow (also non craftable) what is same in every properties as the official, exept the attack speed and recovery time. Both are halved, so who have this bow they can shoot with it like an ak47, with more than 2k atk speed :D
  6. As i remember i've seen a tool in the past, what can query how much player is online on a server, but i can't remember it's name. Do someone know a tool to get the online numbers? ofc i know i can get the online number with l2net, or the latest l2walkers, but some servers have good bot protection, so i cannot log in with those.
  7. It's not better :) in some things it's better, but overall it's much worse.
  8. tadaaaam "feature is work only for alliance leaders feature is work only for alliance leaders feature is work only for alliance leaders" still bugged protocol. Back to 10.9.0
  9. im sure it's not true. 13 chars "playing" from my pc now :DDD
  10. Hi! Im now using ogw 10.9.0 with waby. All is set in set ini. I started the walkers 3 days ago, and everything worked fine. I logged in with them today (hibernate), worked. Now the server restarted, and the last 10 of 16 walkers relogged automatically, the others got link verifyserver fail. But with the last 10 walkers i still can relog without problem, the waby is working. Then i started a new walker instance... link verify server fail. Then i started it with xzCrk, and then its logged in. I started an 10.8.8 walker too.. and it failed. The same happens sometimes with xzc