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  1. Amateur? ME?! You are the nab who cannot even create a proper bridge between MMOCore and Olympiad Games. See the code snippet and LEARN from the professionals! public abstract class MMOController<T extends MMOConnection<T, RP, SP>, RP extends ReceivablePacket<T, RP, SP>, SP extends SendablePacket<T, RP, SP>> { // ... lots of code is here @Inject private OlympiadGamesService olympiadGamesService; /** * An easy way to apply any special limitations on incoming connections. At default it contains * a flood protection.<br>
  2. public final class Server { public static void main(String[] args) { final Server server = new Server(); server.setClassic(true); server.start(); } } You are welcome.
  3. You are doing it wrong guys. First of all you have to create an interface in the MMOCore and implement it's functions in the drop list system. In short: when an NPC happen to have bad drop, the MMOCore should stop the packet communication for all players. Additionally you can include System.exit(-1); to grand boss drops.
  4. I already offered Supreme whatever anyone offers + 1 EUR. I didn't read what the topic is about, I just feel I needed to comment something.
  5. Savor... these are all the intellectual properties of NeltiOff. These vulgar sentences aren't your contributions!
  6. Good job then. What I plan is a plugin for my web system and another plugin in gameserver for communication. Btw my UI was a plugin on GS side as well.
  7. First project with UI well.... amateurs. This is how a proper replica looks like: https://imgur.com/v8ni7tT https://imgur.com/6ZAtbvU (... and this is a remote console with encrypted communication so the "UI" itself is running on client side... just FYI)
  8. Thanks - I am flattered, though I think your skills and talents are way more cultivated and sophisticated than mine. However the only thing I could do here is row banning everyone, and I don't think the management would appreciate that kind of choice from my side. :D
  9. I think the real Savormix should be the new moderator. He is a person who would bring a whole new era to MaxCheaters with his professionalism. His abilities exceeds the standards of this community, and I truly believe if he spent some effort teaching people here he could evolve these kids there to a level that would even satisfy a regular employer at any commercial IT company such as IBM & Google. Let's take a look on the other topics where he has contributed. His posts are true quality, and this is the level of skill nowadays talented programmers would expect when they ente
  10. OMG. OMG. OMG. Do you even read what I said butthurt kiddo? "Website with MySQL...." I have never said website for L2OFF. Just go back to school and start learning the basics of the language. Thanks.
  11. So he cannot run L2OFF server and mysql for a website from the same machine? I love that reasoning. Original MXC quality. xDDDDD