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  1. I search in the forum and cant found that program, any one have it uploaded? thanks
  2. How i can restrict Kamael class from the server? Any ideas? I thought about doing it via client, but I'm looking for something more optimum.
  3. That was possible in High Five? or need to add a custom mod? For example i want to upgrade my weapon A ( +8 ) to S grade, but i want to keep the enchant level of the A grade in my new S grade weapon
  4. Because you do not talk about your business too? Because the first thing you ask is whether the customer has maxcheaters vip account? Perhaps it should be by false feedbacks or reputation you currently have. I think you should be a little less hypocritical and not write about other people when you're up to your neck.
  5. :happyforever: I do not understand what is the desire of people to open a server to close in a week and reopen in a month. This makes the project fall and possibly people do not reenter. Anyway good luck! I do not understand what is the desire of people to open a server to close a week and reopen in a month.
  6. When you steal a website you need to remove some lines if you dont want to be in evidence. GL :dat:
  7. I want a designer for do a logo like that... pm me in forum with estimated price and contact.
  8. Nexus have more events i think, and more configs.. like random zone to team vs team and others