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  1. Hello Friend! Sorry, but the language is only Portuguese. But I'm intending to develop a cool panel in English, Portuguese and perhaps a 2 languages. Greetings!
  2. * Links Updated 07/20/2016 01:25 * Added soporte the L2jDreamV2
  3. Hey guys! First, I make it clear that I do not speak English, I'm using Google Translator. I noticed that some colleagues are trying to use a shared panel in some forums and this also called "ACP 3.5" someone whose nickname is "TheEngo". Well. The panel previously posted here really have many problems. I solved the problems I found and left to good use. Note: I saw security flaw reports and etc .. not performed safety testing, for I am with scarce time due to work. Just added a basic security very quickly. I believe that with the basic security to POST, GET, SESSION, COOKIE, no longer allow
  4. Hello my friends! After learning that this voting system has many flaws, I thought of creating a totally from scratch, with the best top sites for use. Accurate indication of the best top sites for use in the system, do not administer any online gambling game, and in that case unaware existing. To start, I know a top site that tested for use in modified I posted above, which I believe is 99% safe to be no fraud system. 1 - www.rank200.com.br 2 - ... 3 - ... Have some to indicate? Big hug to everyone!
  5. Hello SpirakosDafuq™! I never got to test vulnerabilities in the system. This system has problems that icpnetworks? You can say what? I'm asking with good intention, because it does not have much time to check the background. If you know what the problems are, please let me know I will try to help solve them. :)
  6. Hello friends! Only a small contribution towards great things we have in this forum. I made some small changes to a voting system created by icpnetworks I found on the net. I hope you've been nice. Note: PHP Language Sample image Download Link Password: velhojack
  7. Hello friends! I'll just post a novelty at first, but once you have a little time, I'll create a voting system in php and integrate this site, which is very interesting to help friends in controlling vote safely. The coolest thing is that the method of output is JSON. Here's a link: Rank200 Note: If someone has availability before me to integrate this system with a php API Rank200, I'll be grateful for any contribution. Big hug to everyone.
  8. Hello friends! Do any of you know the exact value of the Vanganth interlude package and a list of features and other details that may be necessary to have science?
  9. Thanks to everyone who commented! But I leave here only one more question within the topic subject. Based on personal experience, among l2off Interlude package available for download here on the forum, which is what has the least amount of errors or bugs?
  10. Hello friends! I believe the question addressed in this topic should have been discussed already on the forum, but perhaps for lack of experience does not quite understand. So, I ask you to allow me to ask: Currently, based on your personal experience: 1 - What is the best L2off Interlude package available to download today? 2 - What is the best L2off Interlude package sale today? Feel free to comment on what you think is necessary! Thank you in advance to all comments.