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  1. [RU] Как вы считаете, есть ли PTS сборки в людей, или это выдумка? По моему NCSoft ни с кем не делилась ими, то как же они в людей оказались?
  2. [RU] Пожалуйста текст моих слов(если можно). Если я написал что я администратор проекта lucera 3, я извинюсь и заберу слова обратно. Или же может речь шла за исходный код, а не за весь проект?
  3. I see you are Russian, and I think you should know this saying: "I'm talking to you about a bald man, and you're talking to me about a gray-haired man."(Я тебе про лысого, а ты мне про седого), It suits you right now. I could not sell the project lucera 3, because it is a project of Deazer. And yes, I wrote you about the sale of the project?
  4. This forum has some double standards. When I tried to post a topic about the sale of this source code, you deleted it immediately, without explanation. But when my partner posted it on a russian-language forum, and you posted it on this forum, then you do not delete it. How to call it, you will not sell it, well, you can put it in a share, we do not mind?
  5. all would be nice, only with l2-scripts (Interlude) this is a fail project.
  6. unfortunately from the shareware, the most normal is acis