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  1. Hello guys, gonna be short this time. As you can see in my previous topic : Im looking to invest and start the project. Glad to invest for first time start 2000-4000$ Looking for serious skilled and trusted person who want to work with me and who can handle everything, server files, website, all scripts, advertising, developing and etc, etc.. First time until I will get back my invested amount Chop chop 70/30 to my side. Later chop chop 50/50 and investing together to the better future. Pm me with short presentation about you, about your skills, your main occupation, what you doing in life, what do you think we can do with this money and what we can build. Chancers don't pm, only really serious people, I will make good research. What do you think?
  2. Hello guys, im new here, long time ago I had few running projects, now I see everything changed. I decided to run probably hard farm pvp server this summer, something more different concept. So im very intrested in every person thinking with brain - opinion. My plan is: Go on Interlude. Go with l2-scripts.com and buy Platinimum Pack - 2375$ (http://l2-scripts.com/index.php?productID=584) Advertise for 500-1000$ before start. How do you think guys, how much online possible to get in start and later how much keep it? Also im looking for people to develop this project, so if you have what to offer for me, for example you good at advertise, work with server files, read and answer players tickets, maybe you good at something else. Just write me what do you think, maybe you have ideas and maybe we will find solution. Im glad to pay x % every month from donate, depends how much work and your time you gonna invest. Waiting for your opinions, questions. Not waiting for jealous people comments. Im not a kid, I run few businesses in real life, so im not talking, im doing - this summer server gonna be started (I hope) :) Cheers guys! Its a good chance to be with me and grow.