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  1. Το επανέφερα, δεν γνωρίζω τον λόγο που έγινε junk. Και σε παρακαλώ μίλα πιο όμορφα την επόμενη φορά.
  2. All the posts has been removed, take care of your language next time.
  3. I've banned an ip with 47 bot accounts so an individual can get 47x the server's reward. Do you think that he'll stick arround?
  4. Same thing will happen, people will reward players for making new bot accounts forcing them to follow their server topic in order to get ingame rewards (Pretty much like voting in hopzone/topzone for something overpowered) And if we add a date limit for creation, still, this problem will persist.
  5. Nothing further to discuss, it was a dead link and the topic had to be removed Locked and screenshot deleted for moral rights (Not everyone are 18+).
  6. I have gotten proofs that the following items has been copied/stolen from other projects arabic chat community board (java side) hwid ban auction system from Synerge Take care and remove them from your list
  7. I can't believe you're such an idiot for asking me to track the ips (I tracked yours) and find that you're van persblablabla banned
  8. I've started banning everyone trashing the community, ranks, post counts, and so on doesn't count on my eye. There are countless people posting everyday "mxc is dead, mxc is dead", and yet; here they are, posting every day. The forum is not dead. The community itself declared the forum dead as the majority of the members stopped posting guides. Maxtor decided to refresh the forum and as it seems a high percentage offered to help reviving the forum by posting new content. Nicolas aswell was a bad influence to the community and I had to ban him long time ago. Having limited access as
  9. Someone make him a bloody mary, he's drunk
  10. I won't bother reading all 6 pages, you all know that my replies always contain my honest thoughts as a member and not as a moderator but hell; 31 moderators? My humble opinion is that was the worst idea I ever read in the history of maxcheaters. Keep up with suggestions and leave the insults behind, let's see some of them being implemented some day
  11. Topic junked. claww you are bad influence on this forum and we both know it; hell, the whole community knows it. I don't have ban for a limited time so you can start feeling happy for not perma banning you right now. Consider this as your last warning. Also I laughed when you told xdem to get a life, when you monitor his posts every minute you are here and trash talk on his posts aswell. xdem is trashing every bad project, whether you like it or not it's the truth yet again none accepts it.
  12. Lol, you made an identical forum with mxc with ripoff boards, maybe even posts and you expected not to be banned? xD
  13. That's an incomplete topic with half of the suggestions taken with the hard way. It's also badly written
  14. This kind of "hacking" violates our forum terms of agreement. Take care.
  15. His host is not recognised for multi accounts. I do host and ip checkups so restarting routers won't take any effect on my search queries. If you have proper scam proofs sent me via pm and I'll take care of it.
  16. Before taking proper actions you should provide evidence (proofs) regarding your report
  17. bump. That's not even an enligtenment, I know it's 1 file, I want to know how to extract it and make it work on lower chronicles. God valiance with h5 are harmoniously adapted between these chronicles, but how about from High five/god to interlude?