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  1. http://www.msi.com/support/mb/PM8MV.html#down-driver&XP 32 ? τόσο μεγάλο tl;dr για τα drivers όμως, και χωρίς να λες τι λειτουργικό σύστημα έχεις >.>
  2. άντε φτάσατε 3κ ή ακόμα;
  3. maybe you disabled personal messaging from your settings? Edit: I've enabled them for you, check now.
  4. As I can understand from a couple photos he was checked in with high fever (40°C), and from the tests everything he was tested for were negative. In the first photo the doctor is saying that he extended his hospitalization until further notice and his relative (aunt) takes the full responsibility if she wants to check him out sooner Doctors really have shitty handwritting.
  5. You know you're not the only one being threatened every day right? I can't deal with everyone in this forum, take care.
  6. Κάτσε κάποια στιγμή και αναρωτήσου πόσο ξεφτίλα γίνεσαι που είσαι αποκολλημένος με ένα forum και κάθεσαι και λες ότι θα με "δείρεις" επειδή σε κάνω ban. Έλα στο χωριό μου, δεν έχω θέμα. Αλλά άμα σε θάψουν οι γείτονες δεν είναι δικό μου πρόβλημα. :)
  7. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/157904-report-scammers/ and proofs.
  8. Corrupted 2 βδομάδες για το καυγά που άρχισε, για το topic, πρώτον είναι international board και επίσης δεν έχει proofs. αν σε scammare μπορείς να κάνεις ανάλογο post με proofs στο sticky. locked
  9. about l2decrypt, here's a reply given in acis forums from spirit517, including the image for better understanding For thouse who want to do the same, now i try to explain how exactly to do that: 1. You take ogirinal .utx and use L2Decrypter.exe (drag and drop). I creates name.decrypted.utx. 2. Next use L2Tool.exe on the decrypted .utx. Here is image tutorial by SweeTs for this step. http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/369/25350351ji4.gif 3. Now you can open this utx in UnrealED and do your changes. (delete original and import new .tga edited in photoshop, gymp or other.) NOTE: W
  10. Plateau / BlackSmith banned.
  11. He said that he will junk your topics incase you'll try to screw with maxcheaters members. ex: scam.
  12. So, the meaning of this topic is that you feel offended because devlin told you that if you try to screw any mxc member he will junk your topics? I will personally ban all your accounts, the friends you brought here and in addition your ISP addresses if you try to do anything to this forum. So take care of your posts and be grateful for not being banned on your alt accounts since I haven't banned them from the day #1 I found out you all were from system freaks.
  13. incomingdeth and deathcavel2 has been already marked as spammers in the admin cp, meaning they are practically banned. But after thural examination I have banned 2 additional accounts he tried to hide, L2Survival and l2slayer, as I have moved to banned group his 2 previous accounts. Regards.
  14. This is a report topic, not a discussion topic. Unless there are proofs you don't have to reply here nor whine about other members you all dislike. Regards.
  15. H5 has cloaks and kamaels, pretty much same editing as epilogue. The only hard to mod is from higher chronicles to lower.
  16. or... search RequestRestartPoint.java and add auto noblesse upon death using getEffetct(skill) function
  17. Greetings, Can you provide your personal information about your lost account? We might be able to restore it. Regards.