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  1. You have to play with the one you get anyway ahah
  2. If i'm not wrong you can't do that in the multisell and the number is formatted by the client
  3. Use fileFdit to edit the archives and make sure you do it properly, just copy&paste the needed and you're done
  4. https://maxcheaters.com/forum/41-client-development-discussion/
  5. Gamers and games have changed, that is the thing about L2.
  6. you just copied/pasted this or did you tried it?
  7. bump, I've sold few things but I still have a lot, pm me
  8. Hello, me and some friends are selling some items on this famous server: - All blessed jewels - All cloaks (Valakas, Elite, Challenger, more) - All weapons reinforced +24,25,26,27 All items are legally obtained, we play from 12 years ago and continue farming everyday so don't worry, if you keep your mouth closed nothing can happend cause items are legal. Contact: Discord: Rawrl#1781 Skype/Mail: osirismiris@gmail.com