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  1. [L2Off] L2Classic

  2. Compare your "OBT-READY files". What's the difference, you've erased this miner after it got exposed. There is nothing you can say now, we can clearly see what you tried to do. Think before trying next time.
  3. [L2OFF] L2Mid - Fury

    Must probably be the most embarrassing video I've seen.
  4. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Look forward to valentine's event :)
  5. [L2OFF] Lineage II Sin

    Very interesting, good luck!
  6. Discussion Hopzone stealing your CPU

    Seems all try, we play l2evoke and now afraid to join... http://forum.l2evoke.net/ @ ReaLH : (30 November 2017 - 03:57 PM) you have to know , already TheSaints community are worried to login the server and to use evoke client for lineage. Any answers for that ? @ ReaLH : (30 November 2017 - 03:55 PM) using lineage2 game to made server players miners . Is that was the new server project ? @ DEV Devon : (30 November 2017 - 04:02 PM) You should not be worried about anything, we are very transparent in what we do and that is the reason we added the "ask for user permission" if you use common sense. We have no plans to do anything at the client. This will be only used on Account Panel for players to gather gems if they want by using this method, or they can vote or they can donate.
  7. Filled in the poll good luck :)
  8. Trick How to fool low skilled Adms/Gms.

    You just need to pay sky corrupt lord to give gm status ;)
  9. [L2OFF] Battle For Freljord

    Estimate amount of people joining?
  10. Why they unban him? "Scammer is a person who constantly doing scams to gain money", for me that does not sound like: "This case is about an agreement between 2 people". Does that mean that rules in this forum allow people to constantly scam each other?