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  1. Hi, currently im using your f'n awesome extender with auto_get=true in skillaquire.txt for auto learn skills... with auto_get=true though, it seems when players delevel even just a level below they lose auto_get skills right away. Normally its like 9-10 or so levels, without auto_get=true? for gracia or something like that I thought... 4 on Classic now I think. One simple solution is to prevent deleveling all together... but, I'd prefer to keep that game mechanic. So if at all possible, I'd like to submit a feature request: Configure player skill removal so that skills are kept until their character's level drops a set number of levels below the skillquire.txt get_lv. Example: KeepSkillsWithinDeLevel=9 ; Skills will not be removed from players unless they down level below above value. ; Default 9, skill loss on 10th level below skill learn level.
  2. Could try -> - 25x Classic Gracia Epilogue. Craft/bot allowed server & no donations. L2Walker IG + Cracked Adrenalin posted on the forum. Low population now it seems though. :s
  3. Guytis it is sorta amazing how butthurt you appear to be, continously making useless troll or trash talk posts. I'm impressed you appear to hate MasterToma so much. Hats off to him really for causing you to look like such an emo jackass. You sir are one of a kind, exactly the kind of person Maxcheaters needs around here... Really though, are there any moderators here to help take out the trash arond here? This thread hijacking nonsense is a little silly. It's offensive and genuinely disrespectful to kind developers like Eressea. Lots of people can smile and talk down to people, while offering absolutely nothing at all... you're doing an awesome job buddy.
  4. Using a clean client. On previous system this bug did not exist... So far no luck. I am virtualizing windows, as well as using a different CPU now... Going to try a couple more possible solutions.
  5. Hello, I am currently running Gracia Final files with MyExt extender. I've tried different AIs, which did not seem to matter. This bug happens like 75% of the time you try to summon something, but not all the time. Sometimes the player is unable to interact with their summon correctly. Example: Has anyone encountered this issue before?
  6. Thanks again Eressea. Your contributions towards the l2off development community are always amazing.
  7. Could someone be so kind as to share example usage of commands to configure territory war with L2OFF GF? Thanks
  8. Update ~ Got it to work! Connection string had to be just right in appsettings Q_Q.
  9. lol. Thanks for the share tyrky
  10. Helpful info thanks. While this source has problems, what free L2OFF stuff doesn't? This is an amazing share for someone who wants to try and make IL test server.
  11. Dont worry guys now that this source is public and everyone and their mom has access some nice developer will post source with some crash fixes eventually! xD