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  1. This will also change target if it can't see it and can't reach it. I mean, it's not really from the classic client. Games had autofarm before l2 for years now. Why would you subject yourself in using the classic client to play a terrible game LOL
  2. You could add the isAutoFarming check in the actions related packets and return. However, in case the autofarming gets stuck because of getodata or targeting I think it is a good idea to not block user actions while farming.
  3. This is a very valid point, and it's true. It makes sense for people who buy this to leave feedback. It's quite a sensitive feature and I respect that. No tell me this. What does a cool event engine or a nice animation worth when there is no one to play with? :) Have a nice day and thanks for the bumps
  4. I don't know about that. My metrics and my clients have a completely different story to tell, but thanks for the input.
  5. No salt at all. I'm not even selling the Autofarm as a core feature, it was just a free update. The core feature is the Autobots engine. I wasn't offended, people can sell whatever they want but people can share whatever they want as well. I just didn't appreciate the post, delete post, repost to cover previous posts on Discord :)
  6. You must be new here. My intentions are pretty clear. I am already selling an improved, more configurable version. Even if that wasn't the case, my intentions don't matter because at the end of the day, people get to use this for free.
  7. Hello From time to time I like to pick one of the things that are being sold but are really easy to code and I like to code them real quick and share them. Today's share is L2Warland's server-side Autofarm feature. How it works You set a few skills on the 10th shortcut skill bar Each section represents a skill type Skill usage is prioritised (Feel free to change the order to whatever works for you) Chance Low life Self skills Attacks You can toggle it or turn it on and of with voice commands .farm, .farmon, .farmoff If HP or MP pots are present they will be used after the configurable thresholds are met They will only target monsters that they can move to in order to attack Players will automatically auto attack if the "Attack" action is on any bar. If not they will only use skills Spoiler classes will spoil and sweeper Self spells will be used if the effect is not present and the cooldown is not reached Self spells will trigger toggle skills I tested just the basics and it looks like it's working fine. If you find any issues please report them. Video preview: Coded for aCis 382 Source code: https://gist.github.com/Elfocrash/2afaa14089dfba2d2199c9d22f06d0d5 Disclaimer: This shares absolutely no code with the Autobots engine Thanks, Elfo
  8. Updates Rewrote the targeting and movement code from scratch to make it more realistic Added randomized delays to make the bots look more natural Bots will now only target targets that they can move to Stuck bots is no impossible unless there are no reachable targets Bots will now aknowledlge their vertical positioning when picking targets so places like Cruma Tower or TOI won't cause bots to get stuck Bots can now trade in towns. You can configure what items the bots are looking for and what they will offer in return. Chat during the interaction is subject to change Rejected offer example: Accepted offer example: A lot more of the default values for the engine are now configurable
  9. This is configurable in the skill preferences. Players can choose to use the conversion skill or mana potions (or both) Updates You can now configure a lot of the default settings for the bots including thinking iteration interval Bots will now upgrade their class if their level allows it Bot will now upgrade their gear automatically and realistically to be appropriate to their class and level
  10. The engine just received a MAJOR update It is no longer just the most advanced fake player engine Since its public release people asked whether it could be extended to support automated farming for players themselves similar to what L2Warland is offering. I am happy to say that from today Autobots is also an Autofarm Engine and allows your players to automate their farming directly from the server without having to resort to bot solutions like Adrenaline. It currently works with commands and it is using the default behaviour per class but it will soon have an interface as well and players will be able to configure their combat preferences in the exact same way that you do it for the bots (image below) Video: Note that this is INCLUDED in your original purchase without having to pay extra. It is a core feature of the engine, free of charge as long as you're in the updates cycle.
  11. There is absolutely 0 point in buying antibot. If you designed the server badly enough that people don't wanna play it (by running a bot) then your server is not fun and you fail at making a fun experience. There are countless ways to make the gameplay fun and indirectly prevent people from botting. Players are mostly botting because every server has an unfun grind phase where you need to kill x amount of mobs to get gear and get to the fun part. Well, try to make farming more fun so they don't have to bot.
  12. Server looks good. Good luck Dimis
  13. You are right on this part. You should be able to point out that he/she is unprofessional. > "Also for some reason he was mad that I was talking with other designers" This is also pretty shitty of him/her. The feedback is purely trading related so I see it more of a "Deal went through, all good" or "Payed and got scammed", so since nobody lost money and no trading happened I don't see why using the feedback feature was necessary.
  14. But you didn't actually pay for anything, which means you are not a customer which means you cannot leave feedback. What part are you not getting? It's like someone saying that they wanna buy my Autobots engine and I go after them because they changed their mind.