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  1. Walker AI update This update includes logic for the WalkerAI. All it really is, is that a player can have a set of nodes in which he can walk to and stay there for some amount of time. There are two types of movements, Linear (which will follow the nodes one by one) and random (which will randomize them). The WalkerAI class is an abstract class which you extend and you add your own nodes and duration as well as movement types. I added GiranWalkerAI as an example with some nodes and some duration but feel free to customize to make it look organic as you see fit. You can use the "//spawnwalker giran" in giran to test it. Im planning to add restrictions in which AIs can be applied where so there is no confusion with that goes where. Here is a little demo video. As you can tell this doesn't look real so feel free to modify it.
  2. Well it is true but like i said I don't teach you basic logic. You can google it.
  3. I would get into the trouble of explaining you things like regional publishers, Toa and tos that are retroactive and stuff like that but this is max so I won’t waste my time. basically the only place you are 100% safe is if you host the server in Russia. HOWEVER I could not care less about if private servers are legal or not. What I’m talking about is open source licenses. People can’t read these days
  4. Ingame TOA and private server policies are two different things. Also, they can, if you are the one making the bot: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-04-04-blizzard-wins-usd8-5m-lawsuit-against-cheat-makers There are many grey areas, but there have been cases with l2 private server (L2Extreme was fined a lot of money.) https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/102738/FBI_NCSoft_Close_Down_Unauthorized_Lineage_II_Servers.php We are not talking about private servers though. We are talking about open source license violation. https://opensource.stackexchange.com/questions/52/what-can-should-i-do-when-i-see-a-violation-to-gpl-restrictions
  5. EXACTLY MY POINT. Btw what north korea are you talking about? What is this? Kim Jong-Un's favorite game? It's south korea. In both WOW and L2, developing the software that runs private servers is NOT illegal but also in BOTH cases running those private servers (for commercial use or not) is illegal. It's in the TOA.
  6. I'll meet you halfway and let you have the last reply on the topic, just to keep your smashed ego inflated. Me too m8 <3 .
  7. Well we'll see how rapid NcSoft is with their actions i guess. Meanwhile i might publish latest acis under it's appropriate license, just because im Lawful Good as you said. :D Anyways, seeya around mate.
  8. Well i already did. It doesn't matter how it was acquired as this is not reflected in the code. What matters is what the code is not the actions that generated it. As long as the code doesn't directly reflect those actions directly (and there is also another way of doing it, available to prove it ) then they have nothing on the project. It is just the way it is. Just deal with it. It is not hard to understand.
  9. That is false. This data could be collected by decryption traffic which is NOT illegal in any way shape of form. What I'm saying is, l2j can actually stand it's ground legally as a standalone piece of software. It doesn't matter where you got your data from because no one can prove it. No one can prove it because there is also the legal way. Yeah L2OFF is obviously stolen and illegal that's why there was a court case for it. Also about the rule breaking, that doesn't mean i have to keep breaking them intentionally. EDIT: Also it is insanely childish to say, "Oh I did it because other people are doing it as well.". What is this? Second grade?
  10. Indeed there were times where i were as naive and ignorant as you are. Since then every single thing i did related to l2j is appropriately licensed and fully opensource. You really think that you are the cake itself, but unfortunately you are the frosting. There were great developers before you and there will be great developers after you. The only aspect of you that I'm really jealous of is how driven and committed you are, and i do have to give you that. I never said you are the first one to do it. Many people (including me) are guilty of it. The difference is, I burst my little l2j bubble. Did you? Also no, l2j project DEVELOPMENT is NOT outlaw. Using the files to create private servers is. Being an opensource project doesn't mean you should accept every stupid request, or person (not talking about you on this one, but I'm sure unskilled people tried to get in before you requested it). It means that you get to choose which contributions you put in your code. It is still your code. You do actually get that the opensource license doesn't apply directly to the creators right? It's the community that accepts that license. Do you wanna tell me that Linus Torvalds, never made a private linux iteration without sharing it? Ofc he did. That doesn't make it illegal. No game prohibits the development gameserver emulator software. Same with WOW, and all that kind of jazz. That's why none of these repositories are not DMCA'ed. (And no, if you are about to use the "of l2jserver got dmca'ed think again. It was a false dmca targeting some l2off repositories in github. Everything else that got affected (which included l2j website php projects) got it falsely, because people don't double check. You can counter any dmca claim at any time.") Bottomline is, you are not really protected by your "freemium" license and you shouldn't act like you own the software. In fact, you do violate GPL. I won't argue on this one any more, because there is nothing to argue about. If you wanna chat about this, you have my skype. I don't have anything against you as a person, but the illusion that people can just take licensed software, and pretend like it's their property.
  11. Thank you I already have all of these ideas and WAY more to do before what you said is even relevant. I will probably write down all the thinks i am planning to work on so people can refer to and not bother me. And not it is not MY project. If it was my project it would be private just like so many people have been doing for years now. It's a community project so if you want something you can do it yourself. That's why its on github. Update Added Dreadnought AI Bots will now teleport "To village" after x amount of iterations while dead
  12. Jesus Christ mate, I will do whatever I want with it lol. I could not care less about which features you want. If you want something feel free to code it yourself. I will add things with the priority i think is important. Last time i checked you didn't pay for something so making demands is insulting to say the least.
  13. Are you blind...? They are fighting monsters. Why would they flag?
  14. I forgot to push to master. It should be up now
  15. Check the changelog https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jRoboto/commits/master