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  1. The is not true. You can code whatever you want as external code and hook it into the l2j code with simple plugin api event calls. That is fully compliant with gplv3 and you only have to open source the plugin api engine. its just sad seeing you running around spreading misinformation
  2. I didn't delete anything, the feature is just not implemented yet. Kinda sad... Well I can go forever and trust me, you won't win. Just forfeit and let's move on with our lives. I have no problem with people doing whatever they want, but at least be aware of some basic stuff. Open Source Software licensing and end to end user agreements are fundamental different.
  3. Just for the fun of developing it lol! You used to be fun, before everybody forgot about you. I have the license agreement disabled and I don't play l2 on any other private servers other than my local one. Sad news. I said many times that this project is not meant to be used on a live server and I said repeatedly that people should not use it. That's all i need to to do legally have my ass covered. Now, developing it is another story and also if someone else uses it is another story, but it's none of my business.
  4. We are talking about general project licensing. I don't care whether the actions that lead to that software's generation were questionable, because it's not what the convo is about. I am talking about software licensed under GPL in general. Also the license agreement you are citing has to be agreed upon in order to have any effect. I certainly never pressed any "I Agree" button for it, which by definityion, means that it doesn't apply to me. License agreements are not laws and they are not directly lawful documentation. They are legal agreements involving two or more parties. I suggest you do your research on what intellectual property, reverse engineering and all those fancy words you are throwing around are. There is a reason why there are thousand of emulators for games way more popular than l2 on github and the companies do nothing (notably WoW).
  5. Yeah you're right I realised later it's internal code
  6. Δεν ξέρω πολλα πράγματα και μου λείπουν 3.40 να πάρω μπρόκολο, πες μου
  7. He must be trolling, I mean you can't be that blind
  8. Ofc you can, because you joined to the characters table so you can do c.* or c.char_name to get any column or a specific column from the table. SELECT i.owner_id, c.char_name, i.count from items as i inner join characters c on c.obj_Id = i.owner_id WHERE i.item_id = 57 and i.count > 10 and c.accesslevel = 0 ORDER BY count DESC limit 10
  9. SELECT i.owner_id, i.count from items as i inner join characters c on c.obj_Id = i.owner_id WHERE i.item_id = 57 and i.count > 10 and c.accesslevel = 0 ORDER BY count DESC limit 10
  10. Your query is SQL injectable. Parameterise the parameters properly or else you expose your whole db.
  11. I migrated to a new VPS and I didn't bother moving the site. The server is still up on the new server but I'm playing privately with friends, as it didn't manage to achieve a stable online count. About whether it succeeded or not, that was never a question. It was meant to be there for people that enjoyed the concept and there were a few, but if there are not enough people to rotate then it gets boring. I knew it would play out like this from the beginning, that's why it didn't have any monetization and any progression system other than cosmetics and leaderboards. Before you say that I'm bullshiting, check here a convo with Ipo days before the launch. I never wanted to add skillshots and client mods, even though I knew it could make it a better experience, because I wanted to keep it simple. All I really wanted was to finish the project, as I'm doing with any other project I'm working on for the past 2 years. It is however technically and code wise better than anything xdem has written in his entire life.
  12. I have actually, but not with a single lawyer but with multiple ones because I've work in several places that use GPL licensed software and we had to make our changes open source. Simply put, you are misinformed. I can cite references to what I say. Can you? Btw, I won't go deeper on this with you because I remember having a chat with you about it and you were saying some other shit at the time, so there is no point replying to me.
  13. Welcome to open source licensing. Your depiction of GPLv3 is at least misleading and not accurate. GPLv3 doesn't prevent the commercial usage of the software. GPLv3 doesn't give the original author the right to get back code but if forces the creator of new code based on that GPLv3 licensed software to make those changes public, in order to improve the original software. Forking GPLv3 projects is allowed as long as they are open source so the main project can benefit off of it. Projects like L2jFrozen don't violate l2j's GPLv3. You cannot sub-license a GPLv3 open source project, that's why acis not just violates GLPv3 in it's privation but also changing the license. L2j is trully opensource, at least as truly opensource as Linux with which they share the same license (well almost, Linux uses GPLv2) Using reversed engineered findings to build new software doesn't make this new software illegal, except if the reversed engineered code itself was used. Copyleft licenses work and they are amazing when the community is not a bunch of greedy scumbags like the L2 community. Huge companies rely on glp open source projects and they make their changes public as they should. https://opensource.apple.com/ https://opensource.microsoft.com/ https://aws.github.io/ Nobody tricked you and nobody had the intention to do that. You were just a guy that wanted to profit off of l2j just like me and everyone else in here.