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  1. They do mention him quite a lot In the report scammers topic
  2. Added api key based authentication as requested. Requests will only be served when the x-api-key header is set with the configured value.
  3. They accepted to pay my rate and the work for both finished 2 and 1 years ago respectively Correction: 2 of the biggest, not the biggest
  4. This would be fine as long as the player is the one who chooses this number, not you Then move it at the top if the player is out of the current index range You're missing the point. There is nothing special in the ranking code. It's just very basic sorting. The UI looks terrible so I doubt anybody would be interested in that anyway.
  5. L2BattleRoyale had a toggle for the user to enable the exact same real time update tech for the ingame toplist. It's nothing special and it's very easy to do. The reason why you don't have a scrolling bar or pagination is because the HTML refresh will make it look even more unresponsive that it is right now since the scroll won't be maintained on each update.
  6. Nobody cares that it updates real time. It will be such a mess to follow on a live server. Once again, you are thinking as a proud developer that did something technically interesting but you fail to make something that players wanna use. And every single line of feedback you got from everybody was from a player standpoint not a developer one. Exactly. And I chose to not work in my country because I don't like it and I wanna work with things way more interesting than SAP (which is pretty much anything else) Bye bye
  7. You're such a fangirl. Just because something was good back in the day doesn't mean it's still good. But you are still using SAP so there is not much to expect from you anyway. Fun fact. I am the developer of 2 of the biggest interlude servers right now and I have been for the past 2 years. Guess what? In both servers we have really fancy UI and really good UX. You know why? Because people love it. PS: When everybody is telling you the same thing then it's most likely that you're the wrong one not the rest of the world.
  8. I mean...acis is a better project and free...
  9. Yeah it's over don't worry. You are missing the point so badly, I won't waste any more of my time.
  10. There is absolutely no negative feedback. There is only constructive one. I'm not a 10 year-old that's looking for a fight. I'm giving you my honest feedback. If you don't wanna take it it's your choice.
  11. Well you're wrong. It's actually all about the looks and the usability. It's called an interface for a reason. The UX looks terrible because there is no scrolling bar and it looks just plain boring. Excel has better UI and UX than this. Let me elaborate: Having tab buttons in the title bar looks so awkward There is no tab highlighing to indicate which tab I am viewing after I clicked it Having the class represented by a skill is a bad idea especially when those skills can be used by multiple classes. Examples: Stun shot can be used by 3 different classes Same for backstab Removing the scrollbar makes the UX be SO SO SO bad. I have to tap x times to see x rows down? Wow you just took the community board to lineage 1 levels of unusable Clas name is there but the clan crest isn't Ally isn't there at all The title has a width of 400px+ but it can only be up to 16 characters long or so I can see that each click to change the index is sending a new bypass and rerenders the community board from scratch. Even though I'm sure you cache all that data and there isn't a db call every single time you are casting a lot of client power and network traffic. The CB html is the biggest packet ingame byte-wise. You can say that all this is is a toplist and looks don't matter but a json object or a csv can also be a toplist. They are just crappy looking and unusable ones, like this one. This is how you do ingame toplists list a boss. PS: When you post something and ask for feedback, be able to take it. If you wanna ask like a child and reject everything then don't post it in the first place.
  12. It looks very bland like I'm looking at an excel sheet. Try to make it more interesting. Having everything use the same font size is a big no-no because it implies that there is no difference between the hr and the tr. The title and the clan take up so much width space for absolutely no reason. I guess it's interesting technically but it is so boring visually.
  13. Changed the way handlers are registered. Now they will be scanned automatically during server startup and they will be registered based on their annotation. This means that all you have to do to add a new endpoint is to create a request handler and add the Get, Post etc annotation.
  14. The problem with having multiple points of truth is that you don't have a single one you can fully trust, that's why i trust nothing but the database and the World class. I also don't wanna touch the core at all so if I do any caching it will happen in the API level.
  15. The problem is that the offline players are not loaded in memory so the dB call is inevitable. Everything that is loaded in the in memory cache will be served by the cache when possible. If the endpoint was get online players only then yeah it would be coming from the World class. Auth is very simple to add. It’s basically a simple middleware. originally when I started this it was to actually make a new ACP but it’s too much work and I don’t really wanna do front end anymore so I just created the api. If people wanna make their front end that’s fine by me. EDIT: Oh I now see what you mean, I read it wrong the first time. Yes it would make sense to get that info from the cache if the player is online. I will add that.