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  1. Sorry for that. I thought you were on GitHub. @Tryskell True but obviously not on a technical level. If you had an accurate reference and numbers it would be painfully easy to do. It's also so god damn boring, that's why I hated the idea of doing everything retail to the T. Because it's not a technical challenge but a data inconvenience. Most of the complicated retail features don't even come close to complexity to the most complicated customs customs.
  2. Frozen 1.5 looks kinda dead. 1 commit in the past 4 months. I'd rather use aCis.
  3. Nah I'm definitely not gonna waste my time with client side stuff. I'm sure that there are way more capable people that me on that front
  4. The only space that is worth covering is the Interlude custom pack space. Retail C6 is covered by aCis, custom H5 is covered by Sunrise and retail H5 is covered by L2jServer. Custom C6 is really just Lucera but people would really like an open source custom C6 pack. The problem is that the only way a C6 custom pack can work is if you actually do something different. Don't take Frozen. Just take aCis free, push it in GitHub and roll with it. Focus on really flexible, configurable customs and a solid toolset. Make an app to allow people to easily make multisells, modify skills, make balancing easy or even create an autobalancer that collects data on pvp results and balances itself, make an api to allow remote server management, make your own event engine, make an ingame social network using the community board, etc... There is so much you can do to leave the competition behind if you really wanted to but motivation is so low since the community numbers are also lower than ever. Unless you wanna do it for yourself, don't start it at all because you are going to abandon it. Such an endeavor is probably not worth your time. Trust me, I know all about abandoning projects.
  5. I'm wondering how hard it would be to integrate a chromium browser in IL or H5
  6. Agreed with @Red-Hair-Shanks on this one. People are free to set their own prices for the products they make, no matter the quality of said products. It all comes down to whether someone is willing to pay that amount.
  7. Adding the rules isn't hard but it's pointless. I did something like this a while ago and I even went as far as creating a component based solution similar to React. The usefulness of it is limited to how many htmls you need. If you make something super modular and you share it then, yeah, you can possibly help a few people but I don't know if it's worth the effort. I would personally try to make a list of what's acceptable and what's not in the L2 flavoured HTML and make a small desktop app or webapp that allows you to build the HTML with drag and drop support and sliders. It would work since the widths and heights are pixel based but it would take some time to figure out what the L2 HTML allows and what it doesn't. This isn't something new, it has been done in the past and has been shared in this forum: Old topics that have expired links: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/12310-sharel2-html-editor/ https://maxcheaters.com/topic/76985-sharel2-html-editor/ You can still download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B45HueHe36FkXy11bUtIZC1SYWM/view It looked like this:
  8. Εχω ένα φάκελο γεμάτο με όλο το fb profile σου και τα βίντεο που ανέβαζες οταν έκανες animation. Πρόσεχε.
  9. Το irony είναι ότι αυτο ακριβως σε περιγράφει λελ
  10. Well after reading your terms and conditions on the purchase, it doesn't look like you are prohibiting reselling. You state that "The Service and its original content, features and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of DenArt Designs and its licensors." which is so poorly written that it actually gives equal ownership of the code to both you and anyone who purchases it. The whole terms and conditions page is really poorly written tbh. You also don't mention retroactive effect of your terms meaning that even if you change it afterwards, those are the terms that he agreed on when he bought it. You also never make it explicitly clear in your website or checkout process that the code is only licensed and not purchased so you kinda shot yourself on the foot on this one. Full terms
  11. I'm sure there are but what do you know about it? You have 0 original features and absolutely nothing noteworthy shared. You should be feeling just fine.
  12. Their community is way better than this one, that's for sure.