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  1. GR BitCoin & Mining Guide

    katalavaineis vevaia oti den kaneis mine gia sena alla gia kapoion allon kai autos pairnei trela fraga enw esu pairneis psuxoula etsi?
  2. Pare ena galiko kleidi apo to upogeio, phgaine sto router kai gamise tou thn mana. tha anoiksoun.
  3. To be fair it sounds like he is on the right on this one
  4. Unless you tell me what the error is i can't help you.
  5. Yeah this is a good idea as well but then everybody would be streaming and nobody would watch each others streams. I guess streaming reward can be bound into this. Admin could choose the "featured streamer" and reward him based on his online hours.
  6. No it is only you. By having a high view count on the stream your server is in the top streams for Lineage 2 which works like advertising because people are more likely to see your server's name there.
  7. You know the drill. Free time, coded something simple. Many servers have featured streamers so why not reward people for watching them. This is an auto reward system which rewards all players for watching the stream if there are more than a specific view count watching. You will need a client id key from twitch here https://dev.twitch.tv/dashboard/apps/create (You don't need a valid oauth url so fake one) All the configs are at the top of the file because i cba creating an actual config. You will need the gson library. You can download it here https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2ACP-api/raw/master/lib/gson-2.6.2.jar Pastebin line: https://pastebin.com/ff4ka830 That's all folks.
  8. Clan Siege Real Money Reward Event

    Lol that's what i said, i agreed with you
  9. Clan Siege Real Money Reward Event

    That's the most valid point of them all
  10. It's probably the best thing Interlude has to offer.
  11. switch case break case break case break case break case break case break case break case break Only 2010 kids will know.
  12. I'm talking about the games themselves. The lobby is irrelevant as there is no real traffic there other than health checks and chat.
  13. Overwatch deploys one server per game dynamically. What im talking about here is node servers in a cluster. Pretty much how every online game works nowadays anyway.
  14. WTS Erlandys Event Engine IT-GoD

    Ok this is cool and all but here is some questions and constructive criticism. First and foremost, there is not a single event we haven't seen before. It looks like you focused on the admin management side of things more than the events themselves. The buglist manager feature is could be so much more but for some reason you make people send you the file manually. You have control over the code! Just set up a simple web server and with a click of a button ingame let admins send you the bugfile with a simple POST request. Ingame changelog is only useful if you somehow fetch the changelog data from a web server. If it's hardcoded in the jar then it's kinda useless. It looks like the check version feature does that so i can only hope that the changelog works in the same way. Also what seems to be missing is an observer mode. What if someone wants to see the game? Olympiad has it so why not this. If i were you i would event create a webpage that fetches all the event data and shows it online in real time on a map and let players bet on the top killer or the winning team. Great way to monetise. Also also why not an autofill? If you set up a 20x20 tvt and there are only 30 people registered don't cancel it. Calculate what classes are missing on each team and generate a fake players with some basic AI to fill the spot. Also also also if i were you i would implement an autoupdate functionality for servers to get the new version when it's out automatically. Can the events of different or the same type run at the same time? (3 tvts running at once). I know you write "Same event base, different event" but this doesn't quite cover the simoltanious side of things. If you have the "Max enchant level" setting and also restrict items, why not add a setting that gives every player the same items (depending on their class ofc) with a fixed enchant during the event? About events, there are so many things you can do it's crazy. Make an "Castle Rush" where two teams have to break into a castle at the same time and kill an altar. The team that did the most dmg wins. Make a Zombie survival" where people have to kill zombies coming to kill them or make them protect a central point in the map. Make a "PUBG" type event where people land on a map and have to find items to kill each other. Last man standing wins. Make a "skywars" game where 10 people are transferred from point A to point B on a flying ship. The players only get 3 skills. One is a damage spell one is a healing spell and one does knockback. People that fall from the ship or lose all their health, die. The last man standing wins. There are so many cool concepts you can come up with. To me it looks like what's missing is modernization and imagination. It's the same thing all over again. It's by no means bad and your work is admirable, but I feel like we've seen it before.