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  2. It's ironic and funny at the same time that this thread is an accurate representation of why this forum went to shit.
  3. Did I really need to add a "Sarcasm alert"? Ofc everything is dead. Maxcheaters started as a place to cheat on l2 and it continued as a place to develop l2j. Now that there are no cheats and no sharing this forum serves absolutely no purpose.
  4. I don't know what you're talking about. The Maxtor spambot is revitalizing the whole forum with the blog posts.
  5. Thanks to kgr for sending me the files. Had a look into the project on a very high level. It's obviously obfuscated with yak pro so there is a lot of goto redirection and asci conversion. If you really need to decode the text you can use https://www.unphp.net/ to take a look into things and then replace accordingly. You will have a hard time changing the business logic unless you are willing to spend a lot of time digging around. I'm totally fine with the fact that this free product is obfuscated and as an advise to the author, don't share the source if you don't want to share the source. You already shared a functional product. If this was any other community then I would say share it to let people to edit it but knowing the L2j community they will end up forking and reselling anyway so just keep it as it is and keep working on it. Also to address Nighwolf's comments: what version of the framework you use? - It doesn't matter what code you have into it? - It doesn't matter how poor/good your code is? - It doesn't matter what access your code can get inside a user's database? - It doesn't matter how to edit this. - It doesn't matter unless he wants you to edit it how malicious your code is? - This is the only valid point. You can still easily find if there any dodgy code in here by decoding the strings and revealing queries or by sniffing the network and detecting weird connections. Thanks for the share and good luck with your project
  6. I wasn't talking to you. Im not registering to download so I want someone else to message me the files.
  7. If anyone has this downloaded please message me the files. I CBA registering.
  8. It is a free pack. 10 euros every year is not a paid pack. Technically it is but 10 euros a year is absolutely nothing. I don't think there is any hype. It's just the only viable option.
  9. Obviously people are going to praise the most complete free project. Saying something is shit implies that, on it's league/category, there is something comparable that's miles better. This isn't the case. aCis is the most complete free option for Interlude.
  10. Έπεσες με τα μούτρα μέσα
  11. Kara: Μιλάω συνέχεια για τους άλλους και δεν έκανα ποτέ τίποτα με την ζωή μου
  12. Ο Kara κάνει 3D animate παρέα με δύο κβάντα. Μην του κολλάς πολύ.