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  1. Yeap. Folks didn’t know where to start with the Autobots code base standalone so I shared it all together with a functional grader setup so they can get started. It also has some other changes like hikari instead of c3p0 which makes db related things way faster. That’s it. Like the title says, you shouldn’t really use it. It’s only here to prevent scammers from adapting Autobots and selling it to kids. They’ll still do it but at least I did as much as I could to give them some guidance. I mean isn’t syntax isn’t really that similar even though it’s close enough. It’s way more scale than Java. The main reason for using its isn’t to brag. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. It’s a practical reason. Autobots uses Coroutines instead of the thread pool to function which allows to do delays without locking the thread. You also end up writing significantly less code.
  2. [GR] τι να τα κάνω τα ψίχουλα του L2. Για την πλάκα μου το κάνω Awwwee, is it hard for you sweetheart? I’m sorry. I don’t have time for people like you mate. Just follow my lead and try to be something better than the skid you are. Have a good one.
  3. I don't need to shut you up. I don't even know you. Like I said, the project is not a live project that you should use. It's just what I will use as a basis for my shares. That's it. Consider it abandoned. It's in the description :)
  4. You you want to get a version of the engine that is already installed and it is easy to run check this out:
  5. Long story short, I recently shared the Autobots engine and many people were very quick to message me to help them set it up. I am not really doing that sort of thing, paid or otherwise and I'm leaving it to the leeches to scam them for shared code. That being said, the biggest issue I had selling Autobots was that I had to adapt it to so many projects. L2jTesla was originally a private project that I've been working on for over a year now. This public version is a blank slate of the project based on aCis 382. I will slowly start migrating some of the "cool" features of the private Tesla to the public one. The private one is NOT for sale so don't even ask. DO NOT EXPECT ME TO ACTIVELY WORK ON THE PROJECT. I WON'T GitHub repo: https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jTesla There is currently nothing special in the project except for: Migrated to Java 14 and also running Kotlin interop shadowJar (Fat jar) compilation Autobots engine bcrypt with an option for SHA1 for backwards compatibility purposes Uses HikariCP instead of c3p0 I will be adding more things as I go and every share I do in the future will be added in this single project. This saves me a lot of time cherrypicking code when I share. How to build (Will create a simple video too): Open in Intellij IDEA. Don't use Eclipse, it's not 2011 anymore. Download it here Make sure you have git bash installed and run "git clone https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jTesla" or simply checkout the repo via the Open dialog in Intellij This is a monorepo so you need to copy the folders in a single repo. You can install SQL via the tools folder as you would do normally config data The contents of "dist" To build the project simply run the "shadowJar" task in the gradle window. It will create a single l2jtesla.jar that you can drop at the top level of the folder you moved the other files to I might add a single gradle task at some point to automate all this. You can easily run this through Intellij by simple clicking the Run or Debug (if you wanna debug) button in the LoginServer.java or Gameserver.java The code is licensed under GPL v3, not because I wanted it to be but because l2j is GPL v3 and you can't sublicense that. Tk and whoever else is doing sublicensing over GPL v3 is actually breaking open source licensing law. Anyway, that's it.
  6. Haha the story of my life. Who cares tho. If they didn't bother to search, they deserve to get scammed.
  7. I no longer have time to maintain and develop the project so I'm sharing it for free with everyone. Anyone who bought it got a full refund. So almost 3 years ago I released a very primitive Fake Players engine called L2jRoboto. It lacked many features and it wasn't really manageable. Thanks to the quarantine situation I decided to spend some of my spare time writing a completely new engine from scratch. So without any further ado I present to you, Autobots, the most Advanced Fake Player & Autofarm Engine. Code: https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2Autobots I will NOT be offering ANY support to install or do whatever with the engine. You are alone. I MIGHT offer some help to anyone that is in our Discord server: https://discord.gg/6DYMDV4 The engine currently supports every class except for the summoner classes and prophet-like classes. Features Autobots Full autobot control through an in game dashboard with amazing UX Spawn/Despawn/Delete Inspect a bot's inventory, status, skills and buffs Customise the bot's combat and social preferences in game Target radius PvP aggression and preferences Self sustain with potions that can be configured in game Infinite buff replenishing Infinite consumable replenishing Ingame bot filtering Persistent bots that are saved in the database and can be logged in where they logged out Unique behaviour on each bot based on its class Archers will kite Spoilers will spoil and sweeper Pet owners will have pets following or assisting them Create an autobot in game Name Level Class Appearance Create random Autobot Bot chat control You can see what the bot sees in the chat and you can do things like talk in general chat or shout chat and also use PMs Bot clan control Create a bot clan in game and change the members of the clan from the dashboard, including clan crests for remote locations Full ingame bot control (movement, attack, skills, chat) Automatic return to death area using gatekeepers Features Autofarm Fully automatic farming with targeting, attacking and self sustain logic Here is a video showcasing the features as of 04/05/2020 Some images: https://imgur.com/a/ttFkkef New feature: Full bot control Movement Chat Skills Action Combat PvP/PK (Ctrl button support) Configurable skill preferences per class Configurable Private Sell Store Configurable Private Buy Store Bots will now return to their death area after they respawn in town You you want to get a version of the engine that is already installed and it is easy to run check this out:
  8. Κλαίει και ακούει bloody hawk
  9. Build the server that YOU would like to play on. It's simple as that. People are not that special. If you enjoy playing it, there must be people that will do so too.
  10. People don't know what they want until you show it to them. These sort of topics are pointless/
  11. I thought about that. The problem is that the user also knows the secret key, it’s part of the spec, so in theory they can generate the right passcode for a given moment in time. To innovate and give food for thought and ideas to people with more time than me
  12. Pretty self explanatory. I was messing around with MFA and TOTP and I thought I would just write one of L2. It has all the core functionality but feel free to extend it and make the HTMLs better. Maybe Stinky can come up with something awesome. How it works? By default it is disabled Player logs in and presses .mfaon At this point they need to use an authenticator app on their phone such as Google Authenticator Android link iOS link For the best UX the user will need to scan the QR code but if that's not possible they can also type the key manually (Not shown in the video) After that they need to put the current code to enable the system Once that's done, any other login, will require them to put the current code You can simply disable it by pressing .mfaoff once logged in L2jTesla is using Gradle so I don't have to manually add any jars. If you're not using Gradle or maven you need to find and add the following libraries: commons-codec, name: commons-codec, version: 1.10 com.google.zxing, name: core, version: 3.4.0 com.google.zxing, name: javase, version: 3.4.0 Video showing the functionality: Code: https://gist.github.com/Elfocrash/c6764432e30193fdc441d55209b4ad11 Elfo
  13. This will also change target if it can't see it and can't reach it. I mean, it's not really from the classic client. Games had autofarm before l2 for years now. Why would you subject yourself in using the classic client to play a terrible game LOL