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  1. chronicles high five / servers without smarguard anticheat interface protection
  2. on what shit javas you play if it was best clicker? ROFLMAO
  3. really? posting shit from 2007 years :) this shit don't work in normal servers 10+ years ago allready. what the point?
  4. VERSION 2.2 0. New attribute enchanter window. 1. Reworked auto item enchant. 2. Speed control has been added to auto skill enchant. 3. List of buffs to be shown as debuffs has been added. 4. 10 more augs have been added to auto search. 5. Lock target bind. Minor fixes. Sound setting are set to default. Cancelled buffs are now shown only at olympiad. Auto potions not working while player's invincible. Fixed bug with class names in clan window. VERSION 2.3 0. New item enchanter window. 1. Cycled macro. 2. Debuff timer. 3. Enlarged SHORTCUT tab in Options. 4. Design of auto skill enchant has been changed. 5. More skills to show in "Debuf only" mode has been added at party window. 6. Help info has been added to interface options. Minor design changes. Now you can use default attribute/item enchanter. Exception: custom interface attribute/item enchanter must be closed. VERSION 2.4 0. IMPROVED TALISMAN WINDOW Percentage cooldowns on talismans has been added. Some servers allow you to wear 6 talismans, so now slots count has increased to 5-6, if you've equipped with more than 4 items. 1. SMART PARTY CONTROL Party leaders will appreciate this. From now on you can save current party list and retrieve it all in case of disconnect, relog or just to automatically pick up relogged party member(s). Most servers only allow you to invite people one by one, so system will do the same. (Optional) 2. "DEBUFF LANDED" NOTIFICATION When debuff lands, interface shows you icon in the center of the screen. It works same as "Cancelled Buffs" function. (Optional) 3. AUTO SOULS It was done before in potions window (and it still there, for now), but I've decided to make it like "Auto Shots", because as for me it's more comfortable. (Optional) 4. SKILL TIMERS Timer of skills which are enchanted to "Time" finally considers time bonus from enchant. Previously they were set to maximum enchant time. 5. CANCELLED BUFFS On / Off option was added to interface settings. 6. FIX: DEBUFF TIMERS Now works as expected.