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  1. Join ur team ? Are u stupid or what . I played ur shit for 1 day . Never wanted to be in staff on any servers ever . Maybe u are completly retarded . When i joined last time was 1 year ago or more . Ur server is shit with shit files and fake online and bots . They are actually worst files ever. Lie more .... we all know what ur server is .
  2. Again this fail ? wtf u dont have any decency . close this shit
  3. Shit server . Shit features . retail like files? bahahahah maybe in ur dreams .This is what dex has becomed a shit server made for donation nothing special just like stalone and mouse servers in the past and tons of bots pleasuring themself and admin does nothing . Tell Catalin that his time its done . He can close this shit . GZ for him he put dexternet into the ground
  4. For me this sounds like an excuse . u got low online and after u realized ( after 1 month ) that l2 actually needs to be fun and entertaining for a long period u decided to come advertise . ur topics were all in french and u didnt showed no interest in international community and now u come and ask to give a try after 1 month and with 20 online server ? Too bad i liked the chronicle and the rates but u really failed bad at start . next time u should advertise the server and focus also on international players if u want a bigger community . Like me many others wont give a chance to a 1 month se
  5. Does anyone still play stalonska and sorin shits serbidors ? Cant belive that people didnt learned by 2016 to avoid shits servers
  6. It doesnt worth a try . i just played there . U can stuck raids in textures and kill them alone . Also ant queen and zaken u can kill them with max level chars .... it doesnt raid curse u . Tons of boots everyone . Any kind of bot program works dont worry to find a special one and lets not forget the most important players who hacked server with PHX making 100 Arcana maces and draconic bow . Worst server ever and i played alot of servers in my almost 10 years of L2 but at least made some friends there and moving on to a server that has potential and future .
  7. They started advertising . i saw alot of new people yesterday and admin is making daily fixes .
  8. Server is ok . just needs more people .
  9. Very interesting server . I know the platform and its a huge one for other games . The admins dedication its awsome . They make good project that last . I will be there at opening for sure . Wish u gl . Few things i have to add is that i hope u have good protection against ddos attack and against boots ( smartguard ) and if u can tell me if 1st and 2nd class change can be bought in game and at what price u have in mind .
  10. Looks interesting . Hope u will have succes .
  11. the features are ok for me . hopefully u get decent online .
  12. Low online . Alot of ghosts and fake online . Real online around 40-50
  13. Sel mahum mobs are agro lol 1st time i see this on a server . buffs scheme cost 400k gz great idea . Thats what i found in 2 mins . Waste of time . u didnt learned shit about ur mistakes. ur a stubborn fool and with a big ego that never admits his mistakes .
  14. i have managed to play a bit . same files like before on old x20 so that means u just lied again . U open a x10 server with donations for vorpal , epuc jewels and many other imbalance things . Quest drop items even tho i asked before no answer. Raids drop display is rong . Even knoriks chance drop is bugged or at least i hope it is : group chance for low freya weapons is 6% and every weapon has 5% drop chance . A simple math shows that if i kill 300 knoriks i get every weapon . Disable champions after level 80 . gl with this i dont think i will join cuz of ur donate list and because ur
  15. so after all this "preparation" the live was changed . hmm maybe achylek is right . u are for always doomed to fail . Advertising for 1 month or at least u say u did and 1-2 days before live not even beta on and live was changed that for me means its not a serious project .