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MaxCheaters Official CS:S Server 100 Tickrate 24 slots 24/7!


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Dear MaxCheaters users.I would like to present you our forum's official Counter Strike Source server 24 slots.It's an experience that you have never been into in the past.Skillful players, enjoying gameplay, full of action and many more things are waiting for you in our server.Become a part of our Counter Strike Source Community, a part of our skilled players, a part of people that enjoy playing together and competing each other.


Server Info:


zBlock 4.4 - Fixes:


  • Fixed the defuse-kit on bomb bug. (video link)
  • Running tv_record now prints connected players Steam IDs to the TV/demo stream.
  • Added crouch-bug fix (zb_crouchfix).
  • Added bunny-hop fix (zb_bunnyfix).
  • Added fix for super-boosting.
  • Fixed a silent-run exploit.
  • Blocked a new server crash/lag command.
  • "ent_fire" blocked even when sv_cheats is enabled.
  • Kicks 'unconnected' exploiters.
  • "net_graph 2" is now an illegal value on zBlock servers.
  • "fps_max" values below 60 are now illegal on zBlock servers (not including 0=unlimited).
  • Cvar scanning intervals slightly reduced.
  • Added several auth-host aliases to the plugin.
  • zb_allowcashcalling now defaults to enabled.
  • zb_doorfix can now only be enabled on tick 85-100 servers.
  • phys_timescale locked to 1.0 when zb_doorfix enabled.
  • phys_timescale removed from notify.
  • Multiple-load issues should be fixed.
  • zb_dosprotect is now disabled with zb_active 0, previously it was always active.
  • A few small code fixes (none were notable bugs).
  • sv_client_cmdrate_difference is now being forced to 20


Mani Admin Plug-in V1.2 T Legacy Source Engine for Counter Strike Source - Bugfixes:


  • Re-enabled reserved slots support
  • Fixed problems with Mani MySQL Support for MySQL V.5.1
  • Fixed statsme & top<10 crashing the server on TF2, DoD:S
  • Added Windows 7 support for the CreateVdf.exe
  • Removed gimpphrases.txt, as gimp is no longer present
  • Removed defaults.cfg being called at startup
  • Fixed the weapon "Dead Ringer" in TF2 to count a -1 points in the mani_ranks system
  • Fixed a weapons restriction exploit, using more than 30 characters in a weapons name to bypass the restriction
  • Fixed a bug causing Mani to crash on listen servers if using the Weapon Restriction Management System
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the End Of Map Vote still to appear even if mani_voting is set to 0
  • Excluded admin started votes from being affected by mani_voting 0, votings started by administrators are always possible now
  • Fixed Warmup Timer crashing the game on round restart on TF2 / DoD:S
  • Fixed mani_weapon_restrict_prevent_pickup being inverted, now 1 prevents players from picking up weapons instead of 0
  • Fixed Mani Admin Plugin displaying "Map will change at end of round" after a user vote map has been started, now displays the correct info: "Map will change after 5 seconds"
  • Fixed mani_exec_default_file1-5 in mani_server.cfg not executing the .cfg file on plugin start
  • Removed Skins Managment from mani_server.cfg to a separate .cfg file in the skin folders
  • Fixed ma_akick_steam not working properly
  • Fixed ma_aban_pname not kicking & banning players that change their name to a forbidden one after connecting
  • Provided working Cexec Examples within the download
  • Fixed mani_dead_alltalk not working properly
  • Removed stacking command from mani_server.cfg, since it's no more possible


More Infos about bugfixes, new features and releases can be found here


Now, some info about the server settings/config.



Server CVARS:


mp_friendlyfire 1
mp_footsteps 1
mp_autoteambalance 1
mp_autokick 0
mp_flashlight 0
mp_tkpunish 1
mp_forcecamera 1
sv_alltalk 0
sv_pausable 0
sv_cheats 0
sv_consistency 1
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_maxspeed 320
mp_limitteams 2
mp_hostagepenalty 5
sv_voiceenable 1
mp_allowspectators 1
mp_timelimit 25
mp_chattime 10
sv_timeout 45



Round Settings/Config:


mp_freezetime "6"
mp_roundtime "2.35"
mp_startmoney "800"
mp_c4timer "45"
mp_fraglimit "0"
mp_maxrounds "0"
mp_winlimit "0"
mp_playerid "0"
mp_spawnprotectiontime "5"


MapCyrcle / MapList:



Other Infos:


Slots: 24

Mani Admin Plug-in: ON

zBlock: ON (zb_bunnyfix 1, zb_chrouchfix 1)

Bet System: ON

Ranking Systeam: ON

TK Punishment System: ON (Teamattacking is punished with -10 Health Power in each hit.After 7 Continuesly teamattacks, 30 minutes auto ban)

Sourve TV: ON

Reserve Slot for Admins: 1

Auto Ping Kicker: Max Ping = 140

Quake Sounds: ON (Firstblood, Dominating etc)

Auto Announcements: ON

Spam Fix: ON (You can type every 1.5 seconds and continuesly spam has as result a 30 minutes auto ban)

AFK Manager: ON (Being afk for 2 rounds will result in becoming a spectator, and if you keep being afk for 2 more rounds then you are going to be auto-kicked from the server)

Flooding Fix: ON (Don't you even think to flame or flood somebody.It is just a game)

Bounty Mode: ON (You win money for every kill you make)

Warmup Mode: ON (Knife, Grenades and nothing else.If you die, you respawn again.Lasts for 30 seconds)

Death Beams: ON (A green line which shows where the last bullet that killed you came from)

Voting System: ON (You can voteban, votekick, votemap)

Most Destructive Mode: ON (A small window displayed in the bottom of your screen showing who made the most kills and most damages in the round which finished)

Victim Stats: ON (A small window which displays the damages that you recieved)

Advanced Mani Admin Menu for Server Administrators

In-Game Private Message with Admins: type @ and your text and this will result in sending a message in an admin.


Server IP: (24 slots)

Source TV IP: (100 slots)

Server Client: For the moment it is Steam.Soon will be non-steam so more members will be able to join.

Server Status: OnLine


Maxtor: Root Administrator

Syntax: Server Administrator/Server Developer


For the moment we do not need any admins.In the future, if we need, a post will be done here and you will be able to make an application.

Administrators of the server are going to be decided by me and not by Maxtor.So, any complain you may have or any problem, just report here or PM me.



Server Rules:


Follow the Rules!

No Foul, Degrading, Abusive, or Racist Language Allowed

Do not block or Grief!

No Offensive or Pornography Sprays Allowed!

No Cheating, Cheat Scripts, Barrier Jumping, Map Exploits or Hacks Of ANY Kind!

No Arguing with or Impersonating an Admin!

Do not disrupt the server in any way!

Use Only One Name While Gaming!


Camping in spawns is not allowed for the attacking team.


We are waiting you to have a really enjoyable game-play with the Counter Strike Source community!

Any update will be posted in this thread.


In the thread you can:


Post comments about the server.

Post complains about the server.

Report Cheaters.

Report Administrating Abusses.



Report Cheaters Guide:


As soon as you see a cheater, type in console (~) the command "status" without the quotes ("")

The, find the Steam_ID of the player that was cheating, copy/paste it in here and leave the rest on me :)




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not a big fan of the mapcycle and there is no votemap/rtv :(


The maps are the official CSS Maps and the maps that are played the most in CSS Public sevrers.

Rock The Vote (rtv) command works fine.Now, about the votemap command, I have made a votemaplist.txt but I am waiting for maxtor to login.

Also, I hope I fixed the problem with the TK in the begining of the round.I mean, if you kill someone from your team, you get kicked from the server.


Waiting also for Maxtor to login and the server from Steam Client will be Non-Steam client so you can ALL login.


sv_alltalk fixed.


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CS:S      SUX  1.6 ftw


just another fail


Since you say so..The server opened yesterday night, tomorrow morning we had 16 players online, 3 Greek people and 13 from foreign countries.Like Germany, Turkey, Finland and some other countries...And guess what.It was the first day and it is still steam.Guess what will happen in some days/weeks when the server will be non-steam.I ain't gonna give up that easy this project.

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