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  1. @Versus @Frank Pou eiste re agoria? xronia kai zamania!!! Kali epitixia, pragmatika to euxomai! An kai dn paizw pleon l2, ton teleutaio kairo mpika se kana 2 servers etsi gia na thimithw ta palia! Argotera tha mpw sigoura!!! Pm me to skype sas :)
  2. Last time i was played l2 it was a long time ago, but when i saw the specs of this server i was quite Interesting, so I played... Guys you have to give a try, its really difference from the others!
  3. First off all i never used it and i never gonna use it! Wannabe master, challengers players use this and some video makers to show how "pro" they are... It isnt funny at all...
  4. Rito please is kinda better! xD oh Dj sona op, kinetic ftw!
  5. Ο peke θα κάνει stream σήμερα!
  6. If anyone is peke's fan (like me) xD gonna be happy with this http://prntscr.com/69mxuo
  7. Oti paizei o 2j? :P einai arketa palio tha elega...
  8. κ γιατί έτσι? xD πες μου και εσύ in game name
  9. Κανένας καλός για λολ? :poker face:
  10. new kata splash looks like shemale.... no kidding imo
  11. @Stacy Doll your sig so wrong.... /My body wallet is ready\ Fixed!
  12. I lose so many fucking times dat traps and dat fucking star, and when i was near to the end i was like :-beep- yeah: :-beep- yeah: :-beep- yeah: :-beep- yeah: i fucking did it and then....