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  1. * Vesta's Candle * Every character starts with one Vesta's candle, an AIO - All In One item that provides instant access to many essential services from teleportation and augmentation to class upgrading and character stats. Listed below are all of the features currently available through the vesta's candle, the list will grow as you the players suggest services that you wish to have at your fingertips. Teleportation Character Stats (In a very easy to understand format, it contains more stats about your character than available on any other server.) Augmentation Dye Addition and Removal
  2. Well this is a web demostration at 72 dpi. the original one is 300 dpi print ready. :P
  3. Thanks it all went smooth and really fast. Payed and got the account in like 5 secs.
  4. Woah guys thats some kind words . thank you much appreciated :).
  5. nai ton kserw ime sto hearthstone team btw. Ton exo gnorisi kai apo konta otan ixa paei se ena tour gia to hs. ela mwri edo athina spoudazw :3
  6. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/189132-esports-team-logo/ ti lete?
  7. Heya guys it's been a long time since i last posted here. So im posting today to ask your humble critics and comments upon my recent work. Piece was made in illustrator and the team's name is Invisible Threat Gaming.
  8. Okay so whats the requirements after all? English speaking and that's it? no other languages needed or so on? it seems interesting pm me with some further detail if you may please.
  9. customer and sale support over a website platform or over a phone line?
  10. si alla oxi me to diko m account afou dn exo akoma key. pes m na se kanw add.
  11. Yap είπα να περάσω μια βόλτα να δω τι κάνετε.
  12. Kai egw sto HS exo kataliksi apo to closed beta. Twra gia tous nightwish exo kairo na akousw :3. P.s The sun is a lie.
  13. kai esdese kai saber se ena profile? sagapw bastarde!

    1. Fortuna


      Κι εγώ σ' αγαπάω, αλλά όχι όσο και η μάνα σου. Συνέχεια για εσένα μιλάει.

    2. ĐarkSlayer


      old habits die hard.


  14. Vasilhhhhhhhhhh ti leei re malaka pos eisai? p.s esdese ? sagapw re malaka!
  15. Dose liges plirofories. Ti site akribos thelis na sou ftiaksi. Thes mono to design ? mono to stisimw ? kai ta dio ? iparxi kapia pliromh ? Boitha gia na se boithisoume.
  16. Τι λέει ρε μαλάκες ζείτε ακόμα εδώ μέσα ?
  17. its like l2 aria network from like 6 years ago. it was c3 with skill till interlude rapidfire and so on. the server was famous for its 2nd child server which was a deathmatch server with a mode named dwarf mode. everyone was a dwarf and pvped till the end of times. I used to enjoy playing there so ill give ur server a chance.
  18. yeah like we need help with items while we always have a 9ppl party. you get butthurted in every server we play and then u go on crying about corruption and shit.