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Which Ataccks U put in f1 and f2????

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Sps                                              Also i have Agument with sollar flare Sooo i make this:

F1: Hydro Blast                                    F1: Macro with agument (solar Flare

F2: Surender to Wather                        F2: Solar Flare

F3: WAther Vortez                                F3: Surender to Wather

F4: Solar Flare                                      F4:  Wather Vortex

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i have necromancer and i put surrender to wind and hurricane!

JESUS!! xaxaxa Epic Fail

if u mean sph(spellhowler) i have F1 WindVortex F2 Hurricane F3 Vampiric Touch F4 Surrender to wind F5 Dark Vortex F6 CP

u asked only 2 of em but nevermind:D

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if im necro gloom+death spike

if im th or other dagger bluff+backstab

if im pala/da shield stun+agro(or attack if agro is a crap on the server)

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f1: death spike

f2: vampiric claw


f3: curse gloom

f4: dark vortex

f5: silence

f6: Bane for warriors

f7: Bane for mages

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F1 Gloom, F2 Death Spike, F3 Vampiric Claw, F4 Vortex, F5 Curse of Doom, F6 Abyss, F7 Silence, F8 Anchor, F9 Mass Warrior Bane, F10 Mass Mage Bane, F11 Fear(if it works) or AP, F12 Mana Potions!



F1 Surrender of Wind, F2 Hurricane, F3 Vampiric Claw, F4 Wind Vortex, F5 Slug, F6 Dark Vortex, F7 Silence, F8 Slow, F9 Fear, F10 Encho , F11 AP, F12 Mana Potions



F1 Atk

F2 Cp Pots

F3 Stun

F4 Potions


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