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  1. im selling my account on EUNE.its diamond v, gold in season2. 68 heroes unlocked 14 rune pages skins : goth annie judgement kayle unchained alistar big bad warwick riot girl tristana sasquatch nunu amethyst ashe victorius janna emerald taric white mage veigar mythic cassiopeia kennen M.D iron solari leona dragon trainer lulu wildfire zyra price 250 €
  2. what about blaming yourself for your elo?i cant believe you got so bad luck.
  3. bump.im 1490 elo right now so if you feel you can carry nicely add me.thanks
  4. /edit ti wres akrivws paizeis?egw paizw apo tis 12 to vradu mexri 3-4.to prwi ksupnane dustixws ta 15xrona k mas gamane tin psuxologia.ekana 7 seri nikes k mwlis peige 8 i wra k lew na mpw ena teleutaio,tsak mpeike o troll k mou gamise to elo.
  5. i will tonight.im going to eat for now.speactate me while im playing some matches
  6. 1400 elo support(prefering janna and nunu) lf carry for ranked games.if you are at west add me XunwAverta,thanks.
  7. paokole

    GTA IV

    download dxwebsetup.exe and install it.its direct x.
  8. what's your elo around?im 1380(for now but ill play like 5-6 more matches)and playing support or top
  9. whatever cpu...ssd is doing the dirty job(i got i7 but nvm)
  10. hi,im having a strange problem.before 2 days my pc crashed with no reason and i couldnt boot with my ssd saying that a file is corrupted or something(i got 1 ssd and 1 hdd having my files).then i opened the case and i cleaned up everything inside.then i thought a format could help me but my i couldnt install windows in my ssd.i installed windows in my hdd and this is happening.my ssd is like 2 drivers which i cant open them doesnt show how many storage they have.they are just nothing. http://imageshack.us/f/171/72173087.jpg/ my bios reads ssd,i installed programs like ssd-life and lots